Saturday, December 20, 2008

Today has been special as I was graced with a visit from Claire Calhoun and her wonderful family. They brought me the most beautiful cupcakes and I frankly love cupcakes. To get to see Claire home and so happy is just the best Christmas gift. I am very fond of Claire's brothers and feel like my holidays are now in full swing. I hope the images of Claire and her family make you feel the magic also.

I send my very best to Soul photographer, Jodi Rosen who was so kind as to venture out in the ice yesterday to be with a new Soul family as another angel was added to our dear list of angel babies. My heart breaks for this young family but I am so thankful that someone with Jodi's heart was there to record the love that surrounds each and every Soul child.

Please keep our families in your prayers and keep yourselves safe and warm in this very cold holiday season. As I finish this missive I look outside to see that the snow is falling again. In love and peace, Lynette