Thursday, December 18, 2008

The roads are now a sheet of ice and its quiet here in Ballard. All four cats are intrigued but also in a bit of hibernation mode. Me, I am enjoying the silence, the empty office and time to play in my art space. I got to chat with McKenzie on Skype and Lew called to tell me that some of the stores in Uvillage were closing early, so this mom is very happy tonight, just hearing their voices is such sweet holiday music to my ears. I fear that the roads will be much too icy for a trip to Sequim this weekend, but I trust my family knows that I am with them in spirit.

We got a call late today about a last minute shoot for tomorrow at Children's and since Doug is too busy to be my taxi, our wonderful photographer, Jodi Rosen has agreed to take this assignment as she lives very near the hospital. I am hoping that my dear friend Claire and her family will be coming for a Soul update shoot here on Saturday. Claire is currently at home for the Christmas holiday which is truly a surprise blessing for her adoring family.

I look back at this year and marvel over how far we've come. The word about our mission is certainly trickling through the population and we now get calls from neighbors and friends of people who could use our help in capturing the beauty of families.

This loss of my mom is certainly hitting me with the holidays upon us, but I am trying to celebrate all the amazing years we shared. She would have been baking and preparing for days now if not weeks. I woke this morning thinking about our families and how so many have suffered the loss of a beloved child at a young age. I send them much love and endless caring. I hope that the work of Soul and our amazing staff and the photographers has made a difference in allowing these families to clearly savour the image of the beautiful angel babies.

I wanted to share tonight the wonderful images of new Soul child, Shamus as his parents kindly sent in the release forms this week. I am happy to say that Shamus HAD neuroblastoma and is now happily doing a follow up at Duke just to be sure things continue on this path to full recovery. The photos were taken by Daniel Sheehan and I am so grateful to him for volunteering to be part of our little foundation. I will post them as soon as Sarah can make it to work and send me the proper files.

I thank all who have been giving to Soul since we mailed the newsletter. We have been so busy that the money is greatly appreciated. Again thanks to everyone who made the Artist Sale such a success. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such talents. I close as always in love and peace, Lynette