Friday, December 05, 2008

Its early Friday morning and I know in just a few hours the artist will start arriving to set up for the sale. I feel a little teary this morning just thinking of all the kindness and the support that surrounds everything we do here at Soulumination. Kari has worked so hard and has pulled things together beautifully. My husband Doug, even though he is not feeling at all well has been gracious enough to clean out his entire garage space for us and has been stellar at answering each request for help. Pat and Sue Dunn facilitated a delivery of the most amazing greens for the fresh wreaths along with Soul uncle Steve DeRoux. The crew that worked on the wreaths are artists, designers and landscapers and they are really works of art. The price this year is only $25 as we are trying to be mindful of the economic times. In looking at wreaths for sale elsewhere I know that these are truly standouts at a very good price. We hope to see you tomorrow or Sunday. One special part of the sale is that I get to see so many of the Soul families. A number will be attending with their new babies. Board member and Soul dad Matt will be one of our greeters and his mother has lovingly created the Soluminarias that will be for sale. His newborn, Ellie is rumored to be making an appearance. Here is another of the her birthday photos!

This week I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely new Soul family
with a daughter that qualifies as a 'puddin'. Sarah and I call babies that have a certain joviality, "puddin's." This little beauty had a great fun hairdo and was sporting a new heart that she received in April. She was so smiley and animated and loved it when I would shake my head wildly to match her own exuberance. The parents are hopeful of having her at home for Christmas so I am keeping that wish in the forefront of my holiday list also. Sarah is booking another new child and a new adult, so things are continuing to be very busy.

While at Children's I popped in to visit Claire and her mom but to my surprise and delight I got to see her grandparents. It was great knowing that her mom had gotten a little break and could be at home with Claire's brothers. Claire recently had surgery that had us all on pins and needles, but she came through brilliantly and was up walking around and had early been cruising the halls wearing the coolest knit hat and huge butterfly wings. Right up there on my wish list is for Claire to be at home for Christmas also. It certainly looked possible to me because when I asked if I could borrow the butterfly wings, Claire responded with a resounding "NO". Claire's photo from a visit in October opens this missive.

Part of the holiday season of course is thanking all of you that have so faithfully supported the work of Soulumination. With all the lovely greens we have had to work with I have been working two additional days on them to produce some that are thank you gifts to those businesses who donate in kind to Soul. I want to especially mention these businesses and encourage you to support them. Please mention Soulumination when you visit any of the following and let them know how their support is so appreciated: Moonphoto, Ballard Sip and Ship, and Annie's Art and Frame. Moonphoto prints a special 5 by 7 free of charge for each and every Soul family while Annie's frames the photos and Sip and Ship provides packaging when we need to mail the framed gift. Hats off to these businesses for supporting this mission.

On Wednesday we will celebrate with our year end party at Paint the Town in UVillage. Llewelyn has been working there for a while now and we will paint ornaments and have a nice meal to toast the success of 2008 for my business and for the foundation. I treat the Soul workers to this celebration in honor of my mom. So thank you Sarah, Kari, Shirley, Barb, Brenna, Dawnelle, Christa, Jenny and Deb for all your hard work for Soulumination and to Diane, Katie, Dawnelle, Llewelyn and McKenzie for making it possible to run a business while heading a foundation. Both of my daughters stepped in to assist at weddings when it was needed and I am most grateful.

So here's to a great weekend in which we celebrate the work of Soul through the Artist Sale and Doug and I celebrate 30 years of marriage----great husband, I often say there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't wonder, "What was I thinking", but hopefully the craziness of being married to me has added some spice to his life. In love and peace, Lynette