Thursday, December 25, 2008

Its Christmas morning and as usual sleep escapes me and now I have time to quietly reflect on my blessings as I prepare for a wonderful day with my family. Each time I sign into blogger I get to type a variation of my daughters names to enter and write---another little reminder that what we do with Soul is to build a legacy of love around the children that we cherish.

We have received some lovely donations in the past few days, one in honor of the daughters of our board member Matt Kochel truly touched my heart as Doug and I are so fond of the couple that gave this lovely tribute. There also came a donation from Randell's most new Soul family, the sweetness of this gift to share what was received with other families surely is the essence of Christmas.

I have almost daily contact with the two moms who inspired the work of Soul, my sister in law, Sally and best buddy, Joan. Today I will get to spend time with Sally and her family at our Christmas celebration and on Tuesday Joan and her family came for the yearly photos of Llewelyn and Kiel. This was our 23rd year of photographing these two together and the first time that we were not only missing and wishing Janus were with us, but with McKenzie in Australia we had another not in immediate attendance. With Janus we reach him with our hearts but with McKenzie and Ian we now reach them through the magic of skype. It seems impossible that like McKenzie, Janus would be 24 years old if he had loved. Our Llewelyn had created a gift for the these best friends, a beautiful platter that shows our family trees growing together with a branch for each child, it totally knocked us out. I post today a photo of the Aussie sweethearts on Skype and the rest gathered to wish them a Merry Christmas.

I miss my mom this morning and I send my love and caring to all of our Soul families, to those whose losses cut so deep, to those whose children move forward in this life and to those we will meet in the New Year. In love and peace, Lynette