Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tomorrow we are off for our yearly trip to Mexico and I am so ready for some sun and relaxation. This vacation officially marks the start of my time off from my business until January 09. When we return I have time planned to go to our cabin to continue to harvest the lovely chanterelles as well as some greens that we need to create the fresh wreaths for the Soulumination Artist Sale. Now I will be devoting many hours to the work of Soul and that is good as we have had a record number of requests for shoots this month.

Many of our photographers have been called on to work with new families and I am so very thankful to these devoted and talented shooters who make the work of Soul possible. I share today two recently released children, Annabelle who was photographed by Tara Clark and Anthony who Kurt Smith worked with---we have lost both of these beautiful children and I send much love to their families as I share them with you today.

If you should be friends with any of our photographers please give them hugs for the amazing work they do for our families. The requests have grown to such a point that I know I could never handle this blessed work alone anymore. Sarah has been doing a grand job of booking the shoots and creating the gifts and we are lucky she is working for us. We thank all of you who have donated upon the receipt of our newsletter, I can guarantee that each dollar is used well

Kari is still hard at work putting everything together for the Artist Sale and it promises to be the best ever. My amazing sister in law and niece have even created an original quilt that will either be part of the raffle or we may hold a silent auction for this incredible work of art. It is out being quilted but when it arrives we will photograph it so you can see what we have in store for you. Please keep in mind that we need fresh cut greens for the wreath making. Greens can be dropped off between 9 and 5 on Monday the first. Many of you are providing home made cookies for our shoppers enjoyment and we are very grateful for your help in the kitchen.

Sarah, Maggie and I had a very good and productive meeting at Children's today and we hope to work out even better ways of reaching the patients and they also had great ideas about raising awareness. As we were leaving our meeting I saw one of Sharlane's photos hanging on a bulliten board and commented that I knew it was a Soul photo, sadly it was on the front of a program for this beautiful girls memorial service. We had not heard of the loss of this lovely person and we send our deepest sympathy to her family.

I hope you all have Thanksgivings that are filled with warmth and love. I will be able to check my emails so if there is anything I need to attend to from the beaches just let me know. Please hold our Soul families in your hearts this holiday. I know I will be thinking of my mom and wishing she were here to share in the photos that I will bring home but I know she is with us in spirit. In love and peace, Lynette