Monday, November 10, 2008

I want to thank our board member Deb Eberhardt and the Morrison family for the most amazing day yesterday. Deb drove me out to Marin's home and I got to watch the NBC Sports broadcast seated right next to Marin. I so hope you got to see that amazing tribute to athletes of the 08 Paralympic games. The pieces were all spectacular, but the one of Marin of course had us all in tears and on the edge of our seats. Marin smiled and laughed yesterday and that was really all it took to make me so very happy. I could not be more proud of any person, Marin is a champion of the highest order.

Marin is also helping out the mission of Soulumination with part of the proceeds from the sales of her hat design on If you go to their website you will see a link to Marin's bio and hats on their opening page. I am moved beyond words by this gesture and count myself on the luckiest people in the world to know the families of Soulumination.

Tomorrow we are having a work party to finish up some really special holiday lights for the Artist Sale. Please join us to help make products that will benefit the work of Soul. We are starting at 3 and will work into the evening making the lights and prayer flags. We have a short board meeting that evening aswell so you can meet the board members as they will come early and stay late so that you have a chance to chat with them. Sarah has 4 new families to schedule this week so we need to keep the funds coming in at a steady pace to keep up with the demand. Our photographers have been so busy lately and I send them yet another thank you for their amazing skill and devotion.

I am closing with the invitation to the artist sale and hope that it will be the most successful so far. Please plan on attending and bring your family and friends. In love and peace, Lynette