Thursday, November 06, 2008

I have to share the sad news that we have lost another friend. I met Riley at the NTSAD conference a year and a half ago and she was the sweetest girl with beautiful long hair. She died of the effect of Sandhoff disease which is related to Tay Sachs. All of us at Soul send our love and sympathy to dear Riley's family. My good friend Sarah Mattingly called to tell me this sad news but we are both thankful that we will be working at the upcoming NTSAD conference in April to photograph all the attendees. McKenzie was able to book me a flight using my mom's flyer miles and that was one of my mom's last requests to help me be able to attend in 09.

I want to thank Deb Hamby and Dawnelle deMarco and all the others who have helped to get the newsletter ready to be mailed. Of course this is the creation of board president, Lori Sawyer, but without Debs help we would be floundering. Maddie Glover also helped add some sparkle to the announcement of the artist sale.

We will be needed greens to make the wreaths on or before Dec 2. We would appreciate your donation of any suitable cuttings for this project. The funds from the sale of the wreaths all goes directly to our work with the families. Again, the dates of the sale are Dec. 6 and 7th.

I got to talk to and see McKenzie on Skype last night which was great. The cats miss her so much, but things are settling down with them. I am posting a photo today that my assistant Dawnelle and I have longed for---our 4 girls together.

We are hopeful and happy for the future of our country with new leadership that is so dynamic, gracious and intelligent. In love and peace, Lynette