Friday, November 28, 2008

am filled with Thanksgiving as today the phone rang on my business line shortly after 6am and since I couldn't sleep from the time change from Mexico and just the general excitement of being home, I was down in the office to take the call. Our beloved board member and Soul dad, Matt was letting me know that in 30 minutes they were due to deliver their daughter at Overlake. I grabbed my gear and jumped in the car and headed to this most magical moment. As it turned out I was not allowed in the room for the C-section, but I got to wait outside and spend time with all the family members. I know just how lucky I am to have been there to greet mynew little friend. I am sharing photos today and will let you know when I hear her name. She is the younger sister of twins Lauren and Lillian and you can see those two beautiful faces in the Soulumination gallery. My life is blessed in knowing these stunning parents and their families. I share her amazing tiny toes and her face as it registers some of the less than fun realities of this amazing life.

November has been the busiest month we have ever seen at Soulumination and over 12 photographers have given their services to new families of Soulumination. We realize that the word is out about Soul and that we must be ready to serve at a moments notice.

I had the pleasure of a visit with my niece Betsy today. She and my sister in law Jane have completed the amazing quilt that will be at the Artist Sale on Dec 6 and 7th to benefit our mission. We are not sure if we will auction this off or if it will be part of the raffle baskets, but either way its a work of art and love. It was the second donation today that is honoring the niece, Lanie that I lost now 12 years ago. Her grandma in California has been a supporter of Soul and continues to be generous with her gifts and another arrived in the mail today. I am sharing some photos of details of the quilt and I think you will see why I feel so honored to be adding this to the mission of Souluminaiton.

I send thoughts of thankfulness that I got to have sweet relaxation in Mexico and that I arrive home to magic and caring. I close in love and peace, Lynette