Sunday, October 26, 2008

We received releases in the mail yesterday from a family that my friend Jeremy Leffel photographed and I am honored to open today's writing with photos of the lovely April. Its always so nice to share with all of you the actual photos as we are only able to continue with your generous support. Jeremy is one of the three photographers for Soul that I had the privilege of photographing their wedding. Jeremy has been such a gift to the foundation as are all of our shooters and his work with April and her family was truly beautiful. In the next weeks please check our gallery to read about April who lives with a rare chromosomal formation.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to view the photos taken for a new Soul family by another special friend of mine, Kurt Smith. They are works of radiant quality and I hope that someday I will get to share them. This weekend one of our newest photographers, Teddy Yeager, and she sister were out working with our newest adult in the Legacy Project of Soul. I couldn't be more grateful for the incredible depth of talent that we can offer to our families. The talent that we have with Soul is matched by hearts that are unbelievably giving.

Last night Doug and I attended a birthday party for one of our board members and I was given the opportunity to share the mission of Soul and particularly the legacy project as the birthday girl, Kelly is part of the group that is working to further the scope of our work with adults. During the course of the evening I was told that two of my clients are battling cancer. I hold so much hope that both will battle victoriously, but I am still shell shocked as I hold these friends in such high regard. There are so many medical advances that there is every reason to assume that both will have long and amazing lives but it does remind me that there are no guarantees in this life and that to enjoy each moment is so important.

McKenzie and I had time yesterday to visit my beloved Auntie Viv. This woman is the Aunt everyone dreams about, her beauty, grace and support have lifted and guided me throughout my lifetime. She is still stunning and has a wonderful marriage and my entire family loves her dearly. Vivian now is tethered to an oxygen supply but manages to live with realistic goals and expectations and reminded Mac and I that at her age its only reasonable to accept death. She has always been grounded and reasonable and she will lead out her life in a way that will allow us to always celebrate her wisdom, humor and love.

My dear friend Sidni lost her mom this week and of course it leads to many thoughts of my own mom but also of the other losses in our little art group. Since March, Sidni, Patty, Lise and I have all lost our amazing moms. I know that these deaths came in the rightful order and that we were all so very loved but its still hard to grasp that finality and embrace their new form. I know that we were all loved by strong women and that is certainly a blessing of the highest order.

Its less than a week now until McKenzie flies to Perth. The days ahead are busy indeed and I am trying to savour her essence so that with the aid of Skype I will feel her closeness even though she will be about as far away geographically as you can get from good old Seattle. Today Lew, Mac and I have time to be together and to visit with friends and family and that promises to be another gift to my soul.

I close thinking of my dear and inspiring little pal, Claire. This amazing little girl is back in Children's battling so many different issues it is staggering, but I left a little message on her web site that I will be holding hope as Claire always moves in her own way and in her own time. Claire stood up for the first time in our courtyard here in Ballard and she holds special magic. I send big hugs to her brothers as they frankly knock me out. In love and peace, Lynette