Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Though exhausted, today I will be 'Rockin in the Free World' as I had the inspiring experience of watching a man who has been a part of my musical history perform with such freshness and gusto that I now see how to move through the next 11 years with a passion and fierceness that will help keep my camera work vital and evolving. It was truly thrilling to sit with Doug and my personal muses, daughters McKenzie and Llewelyn, as Neil proceeded to take us through song after song with passion and a style that is the stuff of legends. After seeing this concert and striving to stay in the moment while it was all happening, I hope that like the countless musicians Neil has inspired that I will now go forth and remember that age is not a deterrent to creativity, energy or vitality.

With all the Pearl Jam/Neil Young t-shirts represented at the concert I can't help but think of Mike McCready and thank both Ashley and Mike for their support of Soul. The money raised by their efforts is hard at work with Soul families and I am blessed to count them as my friends. It was a pleasure yesterday to work again with Ashley, her daughter and friends and I see the spunk in little Kaia that makes both Ashley and Mike so appealing. I know that Mike and Neil are considered guitar gods by most of us but in my life right now one is inspiring me to stay firm with my passion for photography as I age and the other has allowed the work of my passion to continue through Soul.

Now to the more serious part of yesterday. Late in the afternoon our photographer, Aaron arrived with two new discs of his work with Soul. One disc showed the sweetest little boy in a pea patch with his family and the other was the result of Aaron's quick run to the NICU at Children's Hospital last Thursday. Aaron's work showed passion and power as he worked through a very hard time in the life of one family and a more hopeful though tenuous time for the other. I applaud Aaron's photos and count him as a wonderful gift from my beautiful friend and neighbor Julie as she introduced us after seeing a show of Aaron's work. The images will stay with me as I contemplate the loss suffered by one of his families and I know after one quick viewing that his efforts will be a big part of a legacy that will endure.

On a personal level I often wonder what the work has meant in the lives of my daughters and hope that they use it as a pathway to strength in their journeys. When I think about the fact that the two lives to which I dedicate the work of Soul are their baby cousin Lanie and 'god brother' Janus, I know that the fiber of their lives are wrapped with incredible support and they have roll models of how to live with loss and still have endless love to share. I share a photo that I begged the two moms who inspired Soul and McKenzie to allow me to take. Just one more silly image from a special time at our cabin in the beauty of Northwest fall weather. It makes me smile to see my sister in law Sally souring after she had just said that she can't jump.

I received news of the loss of another Soul child and I thought back to the beautiful images that were captured by Dana. I send our deepest sympathy to this family and feel that we were very blessed to have offered a little kindness to yet another family that embodied the essence of unconditional love and support. Please keep my friend Marin in your hearts as even though she made the journey to the White House recently things are very hard for her right now. Dear Claire also comes to mind as I know there is a fundraiser coming up to support her medical needs and I wish them huge success.

The Soul Legacy group that is working to promote the adult side of Soul is meeting again today and I am thankful for their efforts. We are also working hard to have another successful Artist Sale and I hope you have marked your calendars for Dec 6 and 7 and that you will help out by gathering greens for the wreaths that we will be selling. Brenna is working to create gift cards that will be sold and should be lovely stocking stuffers or teacher gifts----we will start in denominations of $15 and go from there as a gift to the work of Soul seems to be particularly fitting at the holiday time of year. I will put up photos of the cards and their beautiful holders after our work party.

I close in love and peace, Lynette