Thursday, October 02, 2008

Last week Doug and I shared a wonderful evening with Emily and her family. I cherish the time as it is a firm reminder of the possibility of hope rising above the worst possible prognosis. Emily is surrounded by the most gregarious and charming of siblings and her parents are just gems and masters of letting things play out without limiting the scope of their children's possibilities. It was grand to see Emily's Make a Wish play structure and the wonderful playhouse that a family member constructed and delivered from Eastern Washington. I share a photo of Emily showing her enjoying the swings on the play equipment.

Our amazing intern Brenna and her mom are currently working on a grant proposal. It takes work of many hands just to complete each application and I want to thank not only Pat and Brenna, but Shirley, Jennie, Sarah, and all who put time into this work. Its an honor to be asked to apply by the McMillian Foundation and we will just keep our fingers crossed that this application will result in needed support.

Amy K. and Jodl have completed new assignments since my last missive and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Daniel will be working with a new family today while Shirley, Sarah, Randall and I attend the Providence Hospice Luncheon. One of our Soulumination photos was just used in their most current newsletter and we are often called by their social workers to photograph families that are under their care. It is indeed an honor to be associated with such an amazing organization. I am so excited to hear their featured speaker, Sherman Alexie.

McKenzie and I went to visit Jon Ward last week to complete a little taping for a video that will include the documentary Portraits of Hope. This film continues to tell the story of Soulumination to a broader audience and we are hopeful that similar work is forming through this exposure.

We send special hope and prayers that Marin will be feeling up to the trip to Washington DC where the Paralympics athletes will be feted at the White House. Marin is such a competitor and inspiration to so very many people. She was again featured on KOMO 4 news so I hope you caught that segment.

I must run to get ready for the day and with the circus of juggling the four cats and all the little spats between them and the escape acts I am kept on my toes. Its truly wonderful to have both of our independent daughters in the Seattle area. We will miss McKenzie when she leaves on November 1 but will be left with more amazing memories as these weeks are so very precious. I am ending with a shot of Mac out hunting wild mushrooms with Patrice and myself. Mac was a good sport and called our antics "brush diving."

Keep in mind the upcoming Artist Sale, December 6 and 7th as it promises to have some very nice gift items for the holiday giving season and 25% of the sales from the artists goes to the work of Soulumination. Plus we will have a grand raffle basket and Soul items that generate 100% for the work of Soul. There is some possibility that my niece and sister in law will create a quilt to raffle at this sale and they are very talented designers.

In love and peace, Lynette