Friday, October 17, 2008

Last nights fundraiser at Randell's home was just what I needed to get inspired all over again. Randell is surrounded by family and friends who so obviously adore her that the warmth of the evening was something very special. This type of intimate gathering really seems to be just the perfect venue in which to connect to supporters and really share the essence of the mission of Soulumination. I want to especially thank Shirley, Soul grandma and bookkeeper extraordinare, board members Matt, Brenda, and Deb for attending, as well as our nurse friend Suzanne, her daughter and Hunter's mom Ann. I am posting photos today from this special evening.

A huge thank you to our photographer Aaron who so thoughtfully agreed to rush to Children's Hospital at literally a moments notice yesterday afternoon. We were called by one of our beloved social workers about a family that needed photos in the next hours. Aaron dropped everything and went to the hospital and I couldn't be more thankful. Aaron was introduced to us by my great friend and neighbor Julie who has just suffered two devastating losses in her life and I hope she knows that she has made a difference to others who grieve with the insight that led her to bring Aaron into the fold.

We are asking for fresh greens to make our wreaths to sell at the Artist Sale. We will need them on December first to construct wreaths here on the second. If you have nice evergreen trimmings that would be appropriate we would love to have them. We are looking for beautiful pine, cedar, fir, juniper, and almost any lasting green. Please call us at 206-297-0885. All the proceeds from the wreaths go directly to the work of Soul. We have some wonderful talent that will be putting the wreaths together and its always good to have a lot of great material to work with.

I am realizing just how precious this time is with McKenzie here at home. Last night while I was at the fundraiser Doug was watching Mac and Lew play indoor soccer together. The game ended in a tie but the victory was in Doug having the pleasure of watching his girls work together. He recently ended up on the tennis court across the street with both girls and has been making me smile with recounting the difference in their style of play. Its sure great to be a mom.

I close as always in love and peace, Lynette