Thursday, October 09, 2008

I want to wish our amazing intern, Brenna Fallon a happy 18th birthday. She was in the office on her birthday to put the finishing touches on a second grant but I was out speaking to a group of nurses at Children's Hospital. Brenna has been with us for a number of years and her energy and devotion to the work of Soulumination has been outstanding. She has never hesitated to jump right in to help with any task assigned. She and her mom have been devoted and we couldn't be more thankful. This is the second grant proposal that Brenna has completed and if you have ever looked at even the simplest of grant forms you know that the effort has been huge. Last year Brenna organized a work party at her high school, Seattle Prep and it was so amazing as the amount of work completed that night really made a difference in the success of our artist sale. Brenna has cleaned, made gifts for Soul families, participated in numerous work parties. She runs errands, helps with mailings and countless other tasks that makes us realize that to fill her shoes when she leaves for college will be a big task. We know that when the time comes for her to leave that our hearts will be so excited to hear what all she accomplishes but also we will miss her presence as she is now a treasured friend and coworker. I hope that Brenna's 18th birthday was as special as she deserves and if it doesn't rain today I have the pleasure of taking photographs for her family.

I have been trying to balance the work of my business and Soulumination with quality time with both of my daughters as we prepare for the big send off of McKenzie to Australia. The cats are settling in a bit more but I fear our long term resident cat Otis and Mac's dominant cat have many more hard battles ahead. Not only do I love having time with McKenzie but her presence brings many other exceptional young people into our home and it is wonderful catching up with all of them. As the days wind down to Mac's departure I can feel the emotions rising and find myself a bit tearful just writing this missive.

Sarah has been busy making gifts for our new Soul families of the past couple weeks and the photographs that our shooters have been delivering our truly outstanding. Our newest shooter, Daniel Sheehan, has just completed another beautiful shoot. Leo's latest disc arrived yesterday and his work is again outstanding. Amy K has done a second shoot for a graduating senior and those images are beautiful and so inspiring. Jodi's latest shoot was one that just glowed with family love, care and joy. Stephanie's beautiful work doing pregnancy shots and birth photos for a new family just shine with love and devotion, they are awesome photos. I am delighted that my most recent shoot with Cindy and her family has an image that will be on our handmade thank you cards. Cindy and her husband and daughter just knocked me out and I am so thankful that our amazing Soul mom, Angie brought us all together. In looking at the calendar I see that Carolyn and Aaron are both scheduled for shoots and that Sarah is working with yet another family for a shoot this Saturday.

Kari is moving forward with the Artist Sale plans and we have some very special new artists that will be showing this year. In the next few weeks I will start posting some of the work that will be sold here on Dec. 6 and 7th. We have a work party coming up on Tuesday, October 28th. Please call 206-297-0885 if you would like to help either at the work party of during the sale. I am sharing today one of the beautiful collages that our dear friend an supporter Maude May created to promote the sale.

The little talk I gave at Children's the other day allowed me to meet many more of the amazing nurses at the NICU. Each time I have worked in that unit I leave with huge respect for the awesome work that is done by these devoted women and men. I realize that they are people with huge talents and hearts and it is an honor to be asked to share the story of Soul with them and to have time to let them know that we are ready and willing to come to work with their families at a moments notice.

Sarah, Shirley, Chris, Randell and I had the opportunity to attend the fundraising luncheon for Providence Hospice. The speech given by Alexie Sherman will be a highlight of this year for me. I have been a fan of his work for years and encourage all of you to watch both The Business of Fancy Dancing and Smoke Signals. He has written some amazing books, so if you haven't had the pleasure of reading his work I encourage you to do so. I am delighted to have gotten a call from one of the board members of this special hospice group to thank me for my donation and to let each donor know that the luncheon was very successful in raising money for the work of this great organization.

Randell, our treasured board member and photographer, is holding a fundraiser and awareness building event at her home next week. If you would like to attend we would be most honored and you can get more information by calling Sarah here at 206-297-0885.

I am holding especially in my heart today my dear friends Marin, who has just returned from a trip to the White House, my new friend Cindy and all the families that have been recently photographed. I send our deepest sympathy to a family that has experienced a second loss this year, we are all so saddened by the news and we hold this Soul mom in our hearts as she moves through the coming days. Again I want to mention that I am so thankful to my dear friend Julie who stepped forward with an amazing donation recently.

I am hoping to book my flight to Boston in April 09 using my parent's frequent flyer miles. Shortly before I lost my mom she read on this blog how I was a bit sad that I wasn't going to see my friends at the National Tay Sacks Family Conference in '08 and she offered to pay for my flight, I assured her that we had decided that it was best if I attend every other year and she let me know that she would love to help out when the time came. So as I make plans to hopefully work with my amazing friends Sarah Mattingly and Desiree Hopf next year, I do so with my mom's gifts and blessings.

It is very early in the morning so now I must prepare for the busy day ahead. I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette