Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am feeling very rushed right now with so many things to keep balanced but wanted to write a very brief blog this morning even though I am already behind on my morning schedule!

First of all I want to thank our photographer/board member Randell Walton for hosting a fund raising event in her home tonight. Randell's heart and talent are such gifts to the families of Soul and to all Soulumination. She is a gem and I am honored to be part of tonight's outreach.

Sarah's twin sister invited Soul into her classroom this week and the students created some lovely paper that will be used in our creations for families and will be sold at the artist sale on December 6 and 7th. Involving young people in this work seems especially touching.

I quickly viewed the work of our photographer Carolyn and was very pleased to see that yet another family will receive beautiful images. It is just so amazing to see the scope and depth of the talent that works with our mission.

I must run to get ready for today's first shoot. The time is winding down toward McKenzie's departure to Australia and there are still many cat fights as the beasties adjust to this new home. The time with Mac is golden and even though I am so excited that she is making such a great step forward of course I will miss her so very much. Last night she mentioned that maybe a web cam for Doug and I would be her Christmas gift to us and that made me smile.

I end with a lovely quote that our board president sent me this morning:
" Motherhood is a state of both the mind and the heart, a sacred place that is yours no matter the distance between you and your child.
Not even Death can take it away." -Joanne Cacciatore

Thank you Lori for sending these beautiful words to help fill the miles for me with McKenzie and for the ache I feel in my heart for all the parents of Soul. In love and peace, Lynette