Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween. I had the loveliest surprise today when the doorbell rang and three charming trick or treaters were waiting at my door. Since ours is really not a residential neighborhood we don't get trick or treaters but today Emily and her sibs were all decked out and ready to make my day. The families of Soul touch my heart and enter my daily life in the sweetest of ways.

I am so thankful that Daniel Sheehan is willing to go to Children's tomorrow to take photos on the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance section at their Halloween extravaganza. Daniel joined us recently and his talent and willingness to help are so greatly appreciated.

Saturday is the day we take McKenzie to the airport and I am heading to Magnusen Park in just a few minutes to watch Mac and Lew play indoor soccer. I am trying to soak up the essence of my oldest and to remember that she is only Skype away! I am feeling quite up to date with my new icecam and gps system for my car.

Sarah delivered photos to Children's today and mailed to another family. Its very busy here so your attendance and support at the Artist Sale on Dec. 6 and 7th is more important than ever. Have a fun and safe Halloween. In love and peace, Lynette