Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Many of my friends know that I have an affinity for the native population and a love of NW native art and have some lovely bracelets that are my favorites. I have gotten to know the tribal fisherman who fish near the Locks here in Ballard and one of them told me about grants to nonprofits from the casinos. I am so thankful to Deb Hamby for working to apply to the various tribes and I am so touched that the Tulalip Tribe just sent us a generous $2000 check for the work of Soulumination. My dear friend Monique heard the story of this generosity and made me laugh out loud by saying it was also a gift from my beloved mom since she was a big supporter of the casinos! Mom would indeed be happy to know that the work of Soul is benefiting from one of her favorite pass times.

I have been very sad with the loss of beautiful Margo and now am grieving the loss of two lovely young mom clients of mine. I send deepest sympathy to the families of Alexa and Pauline. I know their children were loved and nurtured by the most wonderful of moms and that these losses will cut deep. The husbands of these women have a lot to deal with and I was so thankful to see that Pauline's memorials are directed to Safe Crossings who do such wonderful healing work with children and grief. I will see Margo's parents later today and I know the time will have a depth and a power that will move me to continue the work of Soul with even greater determination. Board members Kelly and Brenda are holding the first meeting to expand the adult work of Soul this coming week and with the loss of Alexa and Pauline I am very thankful for their efforts.

Two of my recently married couples have come to pick up their wedding photos and brought along very generous donations to the foundation. I thank Katie and Pat and Iris and Ben for their caring and support. I always feel so lucky to be chosen to record weddings so their added support of Soul really lifts these couples to a special place in my heart. Also, our supporters and good friends Pat and Sue Dunn just donated today to thank Sarah and I for the photos that we took at their daughter Sarah and new son in law, Eric's wedding. The Dunn's have been steadfast and very generous in their allegiance to the work of Soul and we are honored to call them friends.

Special thanks to Dawnelle for stepping in to take the place of our trusted weekend coordinator, Barbara. Barb's dad needs her care and attention right now and our own Dawnelle is stepping in to check phone messages on the weekend. We want to be of service any day of the week and the help of Dawnelle and Barb allows this to happen without Sarah and I checking from weddings. Barb is excellent at this task and I know Dawnelle will fill in beautifully.

I go to the hospital tomorrow afternoon for a new family. I hope to stop off at U Village on my way to give my own charming daughter a hug. With the sorrow of recent days I yearn for the moment that Doug arrives home with McKenzie and her cats in tow mid month and always love it that Lu is usually within easy hugging range since her move to Greenlake and her work at Paint the Town.

We just received the finished prints for shoots done by Daniel and Aaron last week. They both did outstanding jobs and its a pleasure to have these two talented men working for our families.

The magic of Mike and his guitar is still resonating over the work of Soul almost a week after the concert. I just got an email last night from the men who made the posters for that night letting me know that they are auctioning signed copies off and selling the rest for $30 each and that all the money will come to Soul. Its as if Mike, Ashley and their friends have such big hearts that we are now a tiny part of the enduring rock legacy of Mike and his Pearl Jam fame. We couldn't be more thankful to them for letting their talent wash over this project.

I close with thoughts of the image that opens this blog. The impact these two angels have made in my own life and in the work of Soulumination has been vast. These beautiful twins are the beloved daughters of our board member Matt and his wife Celina who have become friends that I admire in so many ways. The night I met this family is burned into my heart and I share this image most reverently and with thankfulness for having had a year to absorb the love that filled that room. In love and peace, Lynette