Saturday, September 20, 2008

Its a quiet raining evening here in Ballard, so still that it gives me a little solitude before I once again depart to record a special event for a bride and groom. Its also a very blessed time as in less than 24 hours I will be greeting our oldest daughter home from a six year stint in California. Doug is driving McKenze and her two beloved cats home to Seattle. The cats, Buzz and Gus will be living here with us while on November 1 we will be seeing McKenzie off as she leaves to live in Perth, Australia. She will be sharing this new life adventure with Ian and will be on the same continent as my youngest brother, David. Most likely Doug and I will put off our trip to Africa for a year or so and go visit Mac and Ian in Australia sometime during his studies there. I have many plans for outings while Mac is home and with this rain, I can take her mushrooming so that she will be reminded that her mom is indeed a fanatic.

I have received 2 powerfully sorrowful and touchingly sweet letters from Soul parents who have recently lost a little one. I share a lovely photo of little Annah, taken by Stephanie, whose grandmother wrote to tell us of her passing. The words of thankfulness and appreciation help me find a way to keep steady on this course of legacy building. After viewing recent images taken by Stephanie, I was crying over their beauty and the loss of yet another child, but with the words from this mom and grandmother, it brought me back to a more centered place. With losing such precious children its sometimes hard to grasp my place in all this but with such kind and thankful words it helps so much. I am so thankful to the photographers of Soul, my staff and our dedicated board members for being ready and willing to serve. I also want to thank all who have had a hand in creating the lovely photo albums and trifolds that are part of the gift to each family. Moonphoto and Annie's Art and Frame again deserve my thanks and praise as families always mention how nice it is to have a framed image. Denise Stuesse is responsible for creating the lovely bracelets of Soul and of course we are so thankful and proud to have her working with us.

With Kari's leadership we are working on this years Artist Sale, which will be here at the studio on Dec 6 and 7th, which falls on my 30th wedding anniversary. We have some new artists that I think will be great additions to the sale and each returning artist is going to have at least one new item to sell.

In love and peace, Lynette