Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I have had some very exciting news from Soul families this week and feel so honored to let you know that Marin has been swimming in the famous Cube in Beijing. From her parents journal entries it sounds as if the entire family is loving this experience. I am so darned proud of Marin and am delighted that its so exciting. I also heard from Elise's family today that Elise had a great check up and that her oxygen levels were amazing, I am so happy for Elise and her dear family in New Jersey. Two of our soul kids, Charlotte and Sarah are having a play date in the next few weeks. Victor's mom has agreed to share diet tips for seizure patients with one of my clients and I am so glad that she was so willing to help out with that information.

We have the latest photos of our friend Claire and I am posting one here for you to enjoy. That Claire is a real character and amuses me each time I get to visit. The same day I saw Claire I was working with a new Soul family. Their beautiful daugher was so sweet to work with and I have heard that the mom will pick up the photos on Monday here in Ballard as the precious one has now passed away. Amy S and Jon completed shoots this weekend and Amy K, Stephanie and Teddy Yeager are scheduled for shoots in the coming week.

We have just been busy and so are very happy to report that Derek and Trevor of DRock, the poster creators for the Shadow 86 fundraiser have let us know that all the posters that were not signed have sold out and that we will be receiving the funds from those plus the have another signed poster up on EBay currently and they anticipate being able to send us a check for $2,000. We are so thankful to them and to Mike McCready and Ashley O'Conner for making this possible.

I want to thank my amazing business clients who have recently shown such amazing support of the foundation by giving us very generous gifts. I am so blessed that people value the work I have done for them over the years and believe in the work of Soulumination. I want to especially thank my friend and client Julie for the largest donation we have ever received. Also, I want to mention the Strong family who have given since the start and we have been honored to receive encouragement and support from our wonderful friend Dorothy who is the charming matriarch of this family plus each of her children have supported us financially and her daughter Katie who asked me to speak at a conference on dying in Bellingham last year where I was privileged to set up a show of the Soulumination Collection.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend in this amazing fall weather. I will be heading to Yakima for a wedding and then will again head out for wild mushrooms on Sunday. This passtime has given me many days of peace and time to reflect quietly on the beauty and bounty of nature. I am happy to say that my friend Sidni has become a volunteer in this campaign and she is going to help me replace the Obama yard sign and my bumper sticker that were stolen. It seems a small thing to want to quietly support a candidate without having to worry about theft. I close in love and peace, Lynette