Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tomorrow is our fund raiser at the Tractor Tavern featuring Mike McCready, one of Seattle's finest guitarists in a show featuring the songs of another of our finest, Jimmy Hendrix. We are blessed to have the support of this Pearl Jam icon and excited that our own Sarah Landa will be singing with her twin sister and Mike. I am very grateful for the fact that Mike and Ashley have so kindly taken on the cause of Soulumination and I am honored to call them friends.

The monies generated from this event are already hard at work as in the past couple of weeks Randell has worked with 2 new families, Aaron and Jon both completed shoots, our newest shooter, Daniel Sheehan worked on Friday for a new family and I worked with my dear friend Austen whose mom has been a big help to Soulumination, plus 2 visits to Children's to complete the work with a new family and my work with my good friends who so sadly lost their lovely teenager. I hope to work with a friend of Margo's family to compile a special Soul album of the photos I have taken of her over the years, in checking my calendar it was just a year ago August 9th that I took the photos of Margo and her sisters on the trampoline here in Seattle and my memories of that evening are so tender and of course now so very precious.

***I still have 9 tickets to tomorrows Zoo Concert featuring Shawn Mullins. I would love to have someone use them and would be happy for a donation to Soul in exchange for them. Let me know if you can use them and I would be happy to share.****

We are planning the December artist sale and I have seen beautiful samples of new products that artists are creating. This show promises to be better than ever so I hope you will attend December 6 and 7th. If you know of anyone who has a product that might fit in please have them call 297-0885 as we might have space for just a couple more artists.

We will make wreaths again this year so I am hoping you will keep us in mind for hydrangeas and lovely cut evergreens as you did last year. As you can tell by the number of shoots we are scheduling, our funding is very important to this legacy work.

Board members Kelly and Brenda are working to give the Soul Legacy Project a boost. We are working with adults but we know that there are many more families out there that would love some beautiful photos. This part of our mission is to provide families with a parent that is at the end of life with photos for their children to treasure. We work with families who have children between birth and 18 and we have seen that this project is very powerful indeed. We just hope to provide the service more broadly in the Seattle area and we want out name out there as a resource for families.

Again, huge thanks to Mary Ann of Paint the Town for her generosity in providing ceramic memories for our families. Charlotte's art work is now at home with Angie and Paul and Angie reports that no one is allowed to touch this masterpiece.

Our good buddy and Paralympic swimmer, Marin Morrison is home until September 1st when she leaves for Beijing. She will be traveling with her family to fulfill her dreams and give us all a huge thrill with her amazing talent and perseverance. As you can see in this photo, I am a groupie. I feel as if I get to be a little part of Olympic stardom by being near Marin when truly I can barely swim. For some of us the light of such talent as Marin's just burns into our own hearts and lets us experience the greatness we would have like to achieve in some way that we can call our own. I close as always in love and peace and with my Olympic size dreams being realized in ways that are truly blessed, Lynette