Sunday, August 10, 2008

This will have to be quick as I have an early start to my day tomorrow and need to get at some sleep as its been a very busy week and I leave early in the morning for a mushrooming expedition in the Cascades. It will be such a much needed break from the rush of a busy season.

Hugs to my friends from Japan who have just given another donation from their yearly lemonade stand. These vivacious twins have each year taken time from their busy schedule in their Seattle visit to raise funds for the work of Soulumination. We couldn't be more thankful for their efforts.

Yesterday Sarah and I worked at the wedding of the daughter of a friend and supporter of Soulumination and we had such a lovely time. The wedding was stunning even if we did have a lot of rain on a garden wedding--of course the rain stopped just long enough for the happy to couple to say their vows in the stunning Dunn Gardens. As we were leaving the reception I noticed that I had missed calls from a board member. I talked to her and learned that my friend and renowned swimmer, Marin was in Children's Hospital yet again. This morning I got to visit Marin and her dad was kind enough to use my camera to capture this champion and I while she is wearing her newest eye patch that I created after hearing the news of yet more issues surrounding her tumor. Marin had asked for red, white and blue eye patches a few weeks back and since I had sewn the other fashionable ones it was up to me to get the job done in short order. So around midnight I enjoyed watching the amazing US swimmers and thought of Marin and stitched up a couple custom patches. Please keep Marin in your hearts and prayers as she is one valiant and talented woman. We all are hoping that this young swimmer will get to represent the USA in the Paralympics in Beijing.

While visiting Children's I got to see our redheaded buddy, Claire. She looks marvelous and has such spunk. She should be home soon and I look forward to updating their photos and seeing her crazy brothers.

I want to thank board member and talented photographer, Randell for her recent shoot at Children's hospital. She had short notice but graciously has used her skills to record another beautiful baby. We had word of a shoot for a new adult shoot that Sarah will work to set up tomorrow. This week I will meet with board members Randell, Kelly and Brenda to work on ideas for expanding our work with adults.

The show at the Tractor is nearly sold out so don't miss this fun event. I am also excited to say that Kari is working with us on the artist sale and it promises to be better than ever. We are planning the sale for the first week in December. Now to bed with warm thoughts for Marin and my friends Elise and Charlotte who have had some rough patches lately. In love and peace, Lynette