Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last night at the Tractor Tavern we sold out but it was just so much more than that. To see the faces of Pearl Jam fans delighting in the magic of Mike and his guitar standing side by side with Soul parents, my mentors, board members, Soul photographers, volunteers, friends and Llewelyn and Doug was just one of those times when you realize that the love surrounding this project continues to take us into blessed spaces. Mike and Ashley and their musician friends gave of themselves and shared their talent unselfishly and with abandon. The lives that they will touch through the funds raised will be from all walks of life, all faiths, all ethnicity's, uniting them with a legacy project that continues to evolve and grow.

At last nights concert I met two photographers that want to work with us. I am honored to say that our list of shooters contains the very heart of the talent of this city. We are numbering close to 25 now and the names and the experience level are simply many of the stars of the Seattle photographic scene. I feel humbled to count these talented photographers as my friends and their support makes it possible for us to offer our services often at a moments notice. Yesterday both Aaron and Kurt dropped off discs and their images are truly beautiful.

It was such a joy to watch parents last night as the looks on the faces of the parents of the musicians was just so endearing. Mike's dad, Sarah and Julia's parents and Kim's dad we all just so darned proud. They have parented in a way as to foster their children's abilities and now stood with joy on their faces as the crowd roared their approval.

I thank also Sarah and Kari for their efforts in making this a night that will benefit so many. I know that board member and photographer, Randell will provide us with joyful images to remember this event. Hugs to our intern Brenna who came in to hang the Soul photos at the Tractor yesterday afternoon. To the Tractor Tavern we send our very best for their willingness to work with us and for their incredible generosity.

I close in love and peace and with my heart so thankful to Mike and Ashley and their gifted friends, Lynette