Sunday, August 17, 2008

Last night after a beautiful wedding in the Arboretum, I had a new family to work with at Children's. I got to work with a nurse that is so helpful in the NICU and the family was so gracious and kind. Its hard when I feel like I am saying hello and goodbye all in one visit, but the tiny one was so cute and so obviously loved. As I left I popped down to the SCCA ward and as I walked down the hall I saw Marin's mom standing outside her door with the biggest grin on her face. I was thrilled to say hey to Marin and wish her well as the first stage in her trip to Beijing is scheduled for this Wednesday so please keep her in your heart as she is a swimming champion beyond anything I have ever met and she so deserves this chance to compete. See Marin pictured here today with her dad in a photo taken during my visit a week ago Sunday. You may have seen a recent story on KOMO 4 news about Marin and if you missed it, I found it on their website and it is truly beautiful.

Today I was honored to attend a brunch after the Danskin Triatholon in honor of my friend and inspiration for the Legacy part of Soulumination, Julie Becker. It was so amazing to see how many of her friends participated, including her sister Sandy, who has been such a big supporter of this expansion of Soulumination as well as our beloved board members, Brenda and Kelly. I thank Kelly for her very generous donation to the work of Soul as she handed me the money we had all given to pay for our portion of the meal. I share a photos of myself with Sandy, Brenda and Kelly from this lovely brunch.

I want to thank Randell for her hard work the past days, she has completed 2 shoots plus went back to one of the families to take photos when a sibling arrived in Seattle. Big hugs to all our shooters, especially Sandy who also completed a shoot this past week.

Doug and I were guests for a lovely meal at the home of Charlotte and family on Friday and we just had a grand old time. We worked with Cha's sister Maddie to create the first plate donated by Paint the Town. It was such a great activity with board member Matt and his lovely wife Celina joining right in the fun. Charlotte's nurse that night was a friend so it was just a sparkling evening. Paul, Charlotte's dad, sent me photos of this little creative moment that I share with you. Happy birthday to my dear friend and super Soul mom of Maddie and Charlotte: Angie, we love you.

This week was busy and full of friendship, I also got to take shots of our family friend Austen in all her bald glory. Austen lived near us on Capitol Hill and is a dear and treasured friend of my daughters. Her mom June created the lovely video slide show last year for Soulumination and is pictured with her stunning daughter. Austen was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma a few months back and I am thrilled to my toes to tell you that this amazing woman is now heading back to college in Florida where she is a stellar goalie for her soccer team. She is through with treatment and should be just fine to live out a long life.

I close in love and peace, Lynette