Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just a quick update to ask you to keep our families in your hearts. I got word that my dear friends in New Jersey, the ten Berge family are needing our best hopes as Elise seems to be tiring of the battle with Tay Sachs disease. I met Elise when in New York for the Today show and I treasure the friendship that I have built with her family and care givers. She is pictured here today from the shoot at our first meeting. Also lets hold big hopes that my pal Marin keeps making good progress as well as dear Charlotte. I will see Cha Cha on Friday and hopefully take some new photos for her family.

I need your help with selling some tickets that I bought for my family and friends before realizing that Mike and Ashley were going to organize our upcoming fund raiser at The Tractor Tavern. I have 9 tickets to the last Zoo Tunes concert featuring Shawn Mullins. The show is at 6 with gates opening at 5 . I would love to sell them. I paid $18 each and it would be great to recoup that money if you know of anyone who would like tickets send them my way. They can email and I will get right back to

I am so proud and thankful to announce that Soulumination will be partnering with Paint the Town, where my daughter Llewelyn is currently employed. You might recall that Marin and I painted a mug at the hospital for her mom for Mother's Day. The nurses liked the idea so much that they and Palliative Care did a plate with one of our recent Soul children. With the help of Llewelyn in bringing us all together, Paint the Town is now offering to join us in providing this new type of legacy. I thank Mary Ann, the owner of Paint the Town from the bottom of my heart and we will link them to my mentor Michelle to offer this to families.

Thanks to board members Brenda and Kelly for organizing a little meeting yesterday with Randell and I to really push forward our adult legacy work. We now have some clear guidelines for reaching out to the hospice community. Randell was also on her way to work with a new Soul family.

I thank Sharlane for trying to work with a new family yesterday at Children's. There were some holdups but Sharlane was able to work with the child and I sincerely thank her for her efforts in trying to make this happen.

I close in love and peace and with such pride in Llewelyn for moving us forward in our mission, Lynette