Monday, August 04, 2008

I am in the middle of my busiest weeks of the summer and enjoying the amazing weddings and the returning family clients I am seeing daily. I had some time with dear and trusted friends at the wedding on Saturday and it was great to have their loving wisdom to guide me to a more stable place. There are times when working in such a personal field as photography for clients that I lose my confidence, but with such wise people to share my thoughts I am blessed to find some balance.

At last nights wedding Sarah and I met a grandmother in the last few minutes of the evening that really moved both of us. We will be working through Soulumination with her daughter and granddaughter and it will be an honor to be of some small service to such a family. It seems that every day some connection through my work life leads us to be of service through Soul. Before we arrived at yesterdays wedding I commented to Sarah that the mother of the bride had been one of the very first people to donate to Soul, even before our tax exempt status was complete. It touches my heart to think that we can be of service to one of her dear friends.

Just minutes ago I received an email that will lead us to working with a man and his family that are here from Australia. I wish to thank one very caring and amazing doctor for connecting us and I hope she knows that her pioneering work is a gift to this world.

Today is my one day off in two weeks and our board president Lori Sawyer will be coming in for a little meeting, followed by drop offs at the printers, some bookwork and finally the evening should wrap up beautifully with Llewelyn and her boyfriend Mike coming over for dinner. I love to cook with the local fresh vegetables and look forward to a couple of quite hours just preparing food for my family. I have been in daily touch with McKenzie as it was her 24th birthday. Besides taking care of her two beloved cats shown here today, she is now mothering a baby burrowing owl that showed up on her porch in Chico. McKenzie will be home soon for a nice long visit before her big move to Australia and you can imagine just how excited both Doug and I are to be having her home for a bit.

While Sarah was out of town last week we received calls about 2 new families for Soul and Tara was busy photographing a two year olds special birthday party at Children's Hospital. I will be taking some updated photos of our dear friend Charlotte very soon. Please keep Charlotte in your hearts as her family is currently waiting on some test results. We also said goodbye to our amazing summer intern, Zoie. She was a gem and we are gifting her with senior photos that Sarah and I will take in the next month or two. We so hope that Zoie will stay in touch and be a continuing part of our work. We thank TIPS for a fourth year of great intern help.

Lastly, I hope you are going to buy your tickets to the fund raiser at the Tractor Tavern very soon. From the response I think it will sell out shortly which would be so great since its my goal to show Mike and Ashley that we are so appreciative of their generosity and that we take this very seriously. It seems so touching to me that such a revered local talent is willing to give such a gift to our mission. In love and peace, Lynette