Tuesday, July 01, 2008

While visiting McKenzie last week in Chico, she got word that her senior project is complete and she received a very good grade on her work. This means that in the near future her diploma will be arriving and she is now officially a graduate. Today she is off to Australia where she will spend a couple of weeks vacationing with her boyfriend and they will have a couple of days in Byron Bay where they will see my brother. Mac has worked very hard managing the Breakfast Buzz and I know this is a much needed vacation. I am posting a couple of recent photos of McKenzie from my visit.

Our new Teens in Public Service intern has been with us for a little over a week now and we are delighted with her help. Her name is Zoie and she is such addition to our staff. I know Sarah is working on a couple more new bookings and of course as releases come in I will share the photos with all of you who support the work of Soulumination.

I am posting tonight one of my favorite Soul shots taken by my good friend and mentor Kurt Smith. The photos were taken last year while Jay was in remission from Burkitts Lymphoma. Sometimes it takes a while to for parents to find the time to get us the required release forms. This photo of Soul child Jay and his mom really delights me and I am so proud that we have releases to share this little guy with all of you.

Doug and I are hoping to make a couple of trips in the coming years where I can use my camera skills to record children in other countries. These would be photos taken to further humanitarian causes at an orphanage in Mozambique and then for children suffering the effects of the landmines left in Vietnam. This work would not be part of Soul, but will hopefully take my skills into areas that need attention. Doug would use his construction skills at the orphanage in Mozambique, which is a dream that he has been putting on the back burner until we got our new home/studio completed here in Ballard. As things take shape I will share with you as I know this will be important work.

I must head off soon to the comfort of my living room to do my nightly editing chores. Its such a busy time of year so each day is packed. I was blessed to spent most of the day yesterday and late into the evening with a dear friend that used to be our neighbor in our condo days on Capitol Hill when the girls were babies. She is a mother, nurse and married to a doctor who specializes in bone marrow transplants in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It was grand to spend hours talking about the work of Soul and all the emotions that come with the mission with someone who so obviously understood how this all works. Thank you Ann for your understanding and your insights.

Again thanks to those who have supported us through the news letter appeal, I hope more will people will add us to their giving list as each donation is so appreciated and keeps us moving forward. I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette