Wednesday, July 23, 2008

While I was away shooting a wedding in Bremerton I got an email telling me that dear Charles had died and is now in his angel realm. His family had such a tender and caring way that I was happy to hear that they will spend some time in Sedona now that Charles' funeral is completed. I send them much love and many hugs.

I share with you today a few photos of a new Soul child, Soleil. She was one of the tiniest babies I have ever worked with but she was surrounded by big love. She was a beautiful angel and her sister and brothers were also very charming. I thank them for sharing her with all of us and soon she will be on the Soulumination gallery site and there you will be able to read the words her older sister wrote about her lovely baby sister. She is pictured here today in the arms of each parent.

I urge you to go to the Tractor Tavern web site and order your tickets for the Wednesday, August 27th fundraiser featuring the amazing guitar work of our good friend Mike McCready of Pearl Jam fame. He will be playing Hendrix and will be joined on some vocals by our own Sarah and her twin sister Julia. The concert starts at 6 so it will be an early evening for all of us who work. The tickets are only $12 and I hope to see many Soul parents, board members and our amazing staff of photographers in attendance. As a little tribute to Mike and his talent and generosity, I would like to see us sell this out very quickly. With the price being so affordable and the timing so easy I assume you will be attending.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and I gave a donation in her honor to our work here at Soul. On Monday, I will host a little gathering of all the women in our family to honor our dear Auntie Viv. She is my sole surviving aunt and she is a women of virture, beauty and grace. I have always admired her and I know that there is no better way to think of my own mom than in context of the closeness I feel with her sister in law.

I thank those of you who have given in response to our newsletter. We want to move forward with each and every request. I thank Aaron who was out on his first shoot today, Jeremy who recently completed a beautiful shoot for us, Barbara who takes care of our requests on the weekend by checking messages and booking photographers as needed, and Jodi, who went to Children's Hospital on Saturday. I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette