Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today I am heading to Children's Hospital to work with a new little girl that is a friend of Soul child Claire. I want to thank Claire's mom for being such a caring person and working to help set this up. Claire is home now and I am excited to update her photos in the future and see her brothers who are special friends of mine. I open this missive with a photo of dear Claire on the day she received her bone marrow transplant from her brother.

I was saddened by two happenings in our neighborhood yesterday. My campaign sign for Obama was taken from our fence, which seems so silly as I am a respectful person and wouldn't ever want to destroy or remove signs for his opponent. Heavens knows that this country was founded to give us all freedom and a hand in the government, so it dismays me to think that people are so inconsiderate. Also, as I pulled up from my last shoot yesterday a van in which a person has been living for more than a year was being towed. Granted it was definitely a real nuisance and most likely not a healthy living space, but my heart sank as I realized that the person who inhabited it called that home. He never caused any issues in our neighborhood but of course his staying here was not legal, healthy or very good for anyone in the long run, but it is sad to think that so many people are homeless. Ah, lets hope its time for some changes in many ways in our lives.

I send much love and care today to Charles Lee's family in Missouri. He is resting peacefully but is not eating. I thought of him and his adoring family last night while I enjoyed the sights and sounds of some many caring families up at last night's zoo concert. It was such a beautiful evening that during the performance I laid back and looked up at the blue sky and thought of Charles and his impact on so many people. I imagine sometimes that my mom who was such an unbelievably good grandma is in some way part of the lives of many little ones that I have known. If the energy of the young and the old collide someway in the next phase of life I know that much love is shared.

Here's to freedom of expression, to a path that is hopeful for our homeless "neighbor", to my daughter McKenzie as she returns to Chico to prepare for her move to Australia in the future, and to the parents and families of Soul that inspire me to count the blessings of this amazing life. In love and peace, Lynette