Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last night Sarah and I had the privilege of working at a lovely wedding in Hadlock, my old stomping grounds. The bride had been a nurse at Children's Hospital and the groom is the son of my friend and master videographer, Michael Carter. Good friend Kate Taylor was doing the video work at this wedding as not only was Michael the father of the groom but he performed the ceremony. A number of the nurses from Children's were in attendance so it was touching to be at work for my business but having the Soul presence a part of the day also. This wedding was so unique as the couple had taken time to really put a personal stamp on the day.

On the way to the wedding through an unfortunate traffic incident at the ferry line we met a woman that we hope to connect with again. She is the Director of Exhibitions for Aperture Foundation. She was heading to a garden showing on Bainbridge and I so hope she will take a look at the work of Soulumination and maybe offer advice as to how to stage more shows of the work. After we finished chatting Sarah was a bit flabbergasted, since what had looked like a possibly unpleasant incident became another moment of serendipitous connection. Again, I realize that the spirit or essence of the work of Soul comes through in ways that are blessed.

Sadly we lost two lovely children this week. Both are girls and both I had the honor of recording in the past few days. My heart goes out to their families and I send love and thoughts of peace to all who loved these beautiful children. Watching the grandparents of one of these children was just difficult. I imagine that the loss is just so hard for them as they so want their children to have a less sorrowful path, not to mention having to deal with their own grief.

I thank Aaron, Jeremy and Jodi for their shoots in the past few days. I am so blessed to know that there are so many talented and caring people in the Seattle/Tacoma photographic community that lend their expertise to the work of Soul. Our friend Jeremy has moved to Tacoma and they are expecting their third child. Having photographed Jeremy's wedding and watched him grow into the amazing photographer and father that he is today gives me such joy.

I want to thank a new friend at NBC, Justin works closely with Ann Curry and I had emailed him with the idea of a story on our own champion Marin and her upcoming trip to Beijing for the Paralympic Games. I knew that Marin's birthday would be brighter if someone was willing to tell her story. Well low and behold through the prompting of Justin and my own desire to honor my pal, NBC has spent a day filming Marin and we can look forward to seeing her story in September. I am so thankful to Justin, Ann, Robin and all of NBC for their willingness to tell stories that are not the usual, that have heart and that really can make a difference.

Special hugs to my good friends Paul and Suzie Wyckoff. Their generosity and support has been ongoing and I am honored by their loyalty. In love and peace, Lynette