Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I was just getting an update from Sarah who is working on the booking of shoots for 7 new families today. We sometimes have a little harder time booking during the summer as all our shooters are busy with family commitments and weddings, but we always find a way to serve these special families.

Yesterday I had one of those days where I learn so much about life and the path that others have navigated so bravely. I have new appreciation for the women who have battled breast cancer and have faced so much in the medical world that is daunting. My experience was small potatoes in the grand scheme and it looks as if my lump will be declared a cyst and that will hopefully be the end of my journey. I have a little icepack to help with the slight discomfort from the biopsy and I am not supposed to do my usual exercise routine for a bit, but really its just a window into the world of so many who have battled issues of breast concern. I decided to go with an aggressive plan to just be as careful as possible, but I want you all to know that I had just had a mammogram on May 23 that was clear and on Monday I discovered a large lump that was not in evidence in that test. Be sure to check those boobies! As I jiggled a bit as the doctor pushed, prodded and needled expertly into the lump I felt a little ashamed to be asked not to wiggle my feet as she needed it still to do her work. In my mind I was thinking that so many of the children of Soul have faced huge things with dignity and grace that I could certainly remain still and calm for such a small procedure. I send love out to the lovely young women that Doug and I saw coming into the clinic that so obviously had something to face that is bigger than most of us will have to imagine in a lifetime. I am so hopeful that the research in this field will move forward to a day when all of this is less threatening. As women we just see and hear so many hard stories that it is hard to face even slight concern about abnormalities in the breast without going to that dark place in our minds. But today its sunny and its going to be beautiful and I will enjoy this time. I am posting a few photos today of friends that I salute who have faced so much and are living victoriously.

I got word that McKenzie is planning on moving to Australia this winter to share time with Ian and explore life in a new country on a continent so far away, but so close with phone and email options. She is having a grand time on her vacation and I am so happy that her life is taking her into such exciting territory. Doug and I were joined by Lew's godparents, the Hamby's at an indoor soccer game last nite. It is good to have such amazing friends and such solid support and care for our daughters. Its off to Leavenworth tomorrow for another beautiful wedding. Life is rich and full. In love and peace, Lynette