Thursday, July 03, 2008

I have another stunning baby to share with you today. This family was photographed by one of our newest photographers to Soul, Carolyn Coffee. I think you can see by this photo that this little one was just so beautiful. Carolyn met her and sadly had to say goodbye in three short hours at Children's Hospital. We send the family much love and care as they journey through the loss of such lovely a child as this. The families evaluation of Carolyn's work was stellar.

Soul had the privilege of sending a photographer to an event that was in honor of the life of Vick Lynn Piha Ashberg. Our shooter captured images for Vicki's family and supporters who came out to raise money for City of Hope, which is working toward a cure and gives amazing medical help to cancer patients. With the advent of digital photography and the generosity of our photographers we were able to send another new shooter, Amy Kyle to this bowling event without spending any of our money, but we proudly joined in to record this amazing effort that brought in $500,000 toward cancer research and care. I commend the work of Amy and I heard from Vicki's sister how pleased she was with the photos.

As a mom I want to close today with another photo of my oldest who is currently in Australia. She and Lew are inspiration for all of my work in photography so here is one of my latest images of a daughter who has helped me become the photographer that I am today. I close as always in love and peace and send dearest McKenzie my hopes for a fantastic vacation, Lynette

Vicki is one of the three women who inspired our work with adults at end of life. We are hoping with help of board members, Brenda Wagner and Kelly NcNelis to expand the work of our adult legacy project. I want you all to know that with the loss of Vicki, Deana, and Julie we are dedicated to helping children who lose parents at a young age to have beautiful photo memories. If you know of anyone who would like this gift, please share with them that we are more than happy to be of service.

I arrived home yesterday afternoon after working with 3 of my long time family clients in my business to find our new intern hard at work making some amazing prayer flags that will be a part of our 5 year celebration. Yes, we are starting early as the idea is going to take time and effort to bring to fruition. I have a vision of our courtyard being covered with prayer flags for a celebration in honor of all our Soul children, families and adults. Zoie is working hard to print a flag with each and every one of our released children and adults. It is a project that takes skill and patience but Zoie is doing an excellent job. In time we will ask all of you to join us at work parties to create flags in honor of those who have touched your hearts. I hope that this project will become a show in itself and can be sent to brighten and enlighten many place here and abroad. I am posting a photo of Zoie hard at work. I will keep you posted as to how you can make your own flag and share those that Zoie has completed.

I close today with
another photo I recently took of McKenzie who is now in Australia. My two daughters are the inspiration for my life in photography so I salute Mac today and send her my best wishes for a magic vacation. In love and peace, Lynette