Friday, June 13, 2008

Today is a day that Doug and I dreamed of when we first talked of marriage and children. It was our goal that our children would graduate from college debt free and its happened! Today we are heading to Olympia for Llewelyn's graduation from Evergreen. She is walking even though she got her diploma in December. Also this week McKenzie turned in her senior project to complete her degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I am very emotional and proud of both girls and I know my mom will be with us in spirit as this is something that she was also very excited about. I share today one of my favorite images from their childhood.

Yesterday I had a great day at Children's Hospital. My friend and nurse Suzanne had spearheaded an event for the fathers on the SCCA unit. Seahawks and basketball players were so kind and attentive and caring to each patient and their fathers. Our own board member Deb was there as she helped a group boys raise funds and get some amazing treats for the patients and their dads.

After this amazing celebration I met a new family to Soulumination. I was smitten with beauty of their girls and their mom has a keen wit and is so obviously devoted that I really didn't want to leave their room when I was done. It was also nice to see their proud grandma beaming from near the bedside. I send them much care as they have lots ahead of them.

We just had a visit from Josiah's dad and baby sister. Its such a delight to watch this family grow. Alice, Dave, Henry and Ellie bring warmth and compassion with each visit. Sarah is busy booking two new shoots that were brought to our attention just this morning, we are so happy that we can be of service to families. Please let others know about our mission as we have such talented photographers that are willing to serve. In love and peace, Lynette