Sunday, June 01, 2008

Its nice at my age to learn new things and to see the wonders of all this world has to offer, simple and complex, all intriguing, all calling me to grow and become a more evolved person. I got to photograph and observe a birth of a new baby in my life in the early hours of this poignant Sunday. This baby is blessed by a family both biological and through friendship who will nurture and love her to the fullest extent imaginable. I was in awe of my pal Dawnelle as she beautifully delivered a 9 lb 3 oz daughter to a gallery of 11 women friends, her husband, her best friend's 3 year old son and my blazing cameras. I hope more friends and clients will feel inclined to invite me and the old Nikon's into their delivery rooms as it was one mind blowing experience.

As I drove to the hospital this morning at the same hour I left to go to my mom's bedside just 2 months ago, I felt both sad and excited. I knew that this time my heart would soar and last time it was such a different feeling. That trip to the hospital was life changing in such a different way.

My brother is currently in the hospital in Australia which rattles my cage as he is so far away and his HIV positive status always makes me a bit more concerned than is most likely necessary. I heard he is resting comfortably and his doctors are mostly positive that things will go well and he will be home and recovering safely very soon. He has been such a supporter of me throughout my lifetime and has shown such compassion toward Soulumination.

Yesterday I arrived at the home of parents of 'my' bride to hear that her mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer in the last couple of weeks and was looking so beautiful even though she had just gone through radiation. This mom also told me that a dear friend of my daughters' has been diagnosed with non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and has returned to Seattle from her college to start chemotherapy. I will try to get in touch with her mom today and see when we can have time with this delightful young woman. Her prognosis is very good so we will just hold that thought in our hearts and let her effervescent ways guide us through her treatment. I did hear that she will soon be bald so I will offer to take some photos to commemorate her journey.

Huge congratulations to our dear friend and intern, Brenna Fallon. She was recently awarded an award from the AJC: Max H. Block Student Human Relations Award (and scholarship), given by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) in conjunction with the family of Max H. Block. This prestigious award is presented to high school students in recognition of their contributions to promoting positive human relations and fostering a better understanding for all people, as demonstrated by their activities in their school and in their community. I share a photo today of Brenna and I that Sarah took for her to use when she spoke at the awards night.

We are most thankful to the family of Emma R. She recently had a birthday and we have been receiving lovely donations in honor of this milestone. Emma lives in New Jersey and I met her at the NTSAD conference last year. With this type of support it seems possible that I will be able to attend the conference again and record the children living with Tay Sacks in 09. I share a photo of Emma today and thank her with huge hugs across the miles

Our 3rd newsletter has obviously been well received since we are seeing some lovely donations in support of the work. Both Sarah and I are hopeful that it will be successful enough to carry us through the months ahead. In yesterdays mail we received a disc of a new child to Soul taken by Stephanie Cristalli. We are thankful for her talent and her generous spirit in joining this foundation. I close as always in love and peace and with much wonder in my heart at all this life lays before us, Lynette