Sunday, June 22, 2008

I worked with Sarah at a beautiful wedding last night that I awoke chattering away to Doug about how much I love my work. This bride and groom related to me in such a way that I feel such a part of the whole wedding. Stephanie Solomon was their wedding coordinator and she never fails to amaze me with her ability to bring exceptional beauty to weddings. Stephanie is the ultimate professional and I am pleased to work with her and call her friend. Cory Bogle was the videographers and its always a pleasure to work alongside someone of his heart and talent. I send my best wishes to Allison and Jim, the bride and groom as they start their married life together.

After the wedding I went up to the Zoo at about midnight to take photos of Lew at a fundraiser. I never want to miss an opportunity to photograph either of my girls so even though I had already shot for 11 hours I wanted to grab shots of Lew at this event that benefited Seattle Public Schools and was organized by one of her room mates. Congratulations to this fine group of young philanthropists. I am posting a shot of Lulu and Mike from the day before the prom when I was practicing with my new camera and Lew was showing me her new dress.

I share today a new child to Soulumination. Her name is Lydia and her photos were taken by Jon Ward. As you can see, she is adorable and is battling leukemia. She is here from the South and I have had the pleasure of meeting her twice now when I have been at Children's dropping off photos. Jon's work just tickled all of us and we are delighted to have him with us.

I want to thank Kurt Smith and many of the staff at Glazers who made a recent purchase feel so special. Russ, Swan and others at Glazers joined Kurt in helping me have a fun and meaningful day. This work of mine has added so much to my life and I am thankful for the great friendships that have resulted from following my passion.

I must run and finish packing as I am leaving to visit my daughter McKenzie in Chico. I will be gone until Wednesday evening and I am so excited to see Mac and her kitties. Sarah has been busy booking new families so Soul will be expanding our mission as I enjoy some time with my first born. Ah, life is good. In love and peace, Lynette