Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I want to thank my board members for yet another great meeting tonight. We welcomed my friend, Kelly McNelis to the board and she brings amazing experience and huge compassion. Her connection to the legacy work of the adult part of Soul and her friendship with board member, Brenda Wagner, make her a great addition. All the board members have their expertise and sometimes I chuckle inwardly that their role is occasionally to remind me that its okay to ask for financial help. I wish I had the fortitude and confidence to keep moving forward in a straight and purposeful direction, but often these wonderful people of Soul have to give me a little shake so to speak. Their patience and dedication to the cause helps guide me to solid ground when my own soul is a bit tattered by the grief that can be such a clear reality in working with this mission.

With Father's Day this Sunday I send much love to the fathers of Soulumination. These men touch each of us that meet them with their love and devotion. I am posting a photo of my little pal Emma today with her dad and brother. She recently shared her birthday celebration with us so I thought this photo was especially timely.

I get to see my own dad tomorrow. Doug and I will pick him up at the Seattle ferry and he will spend the night here with us and then we take him to the train on Thursday. He is going to Oregon to see my sister's new home. Big thanks to my sister in law, Diane for driving him to the ferry.

We had a new request that came through on my email today, plus Sarah had our Soul photographer, Christina out on another shoot. We keep meeting new families and connecting regularly with families that we have already worked with. I am so sorry to say that my Soul pal Chris won't be coming over to have some time to chat and pick up his DVD's, instead I send his entire family condolences in for the unexpected loss of an uncle. I send a special hug to his mom Renee as the loss of a brother must leave a big whole in one's life.

I thank the young women from Holy Names for their great efforts for Soulumination. I share photos of them at last weeks work party. We sincerely hope we can count on them for future support as we all felt a genuine connection with these women.

Hugs across the country to my young friend Elise in New Jersey as she is fighting MRSA once again. Elise is such a fighter and I hate to think of her going through more trials, but somehow she just bounces back. Of course our Olympic swimmer, Marin is in my heart as I am starting to see ads for the Olympics. Marin is undergoing radiation and she is also another Soul member who fights forward with such grace and spunk.

Again, thank you so much for sending in those donations from the newsletter. We are so grateful and very proud of our board President, Lori Sawyer who really does the lions share of the work to make the newsletter happen. I close as always in love and peace, Lynette