Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Today is my husband's birthday and he had a surprise visit yesterday from his bowling partner and great friend Sarah and her mom. I met Sarah a couple of years ago when we did her Soulumination photo shoot here in my studio. Sarah and Doug have since become partners in crime so to speak. Sarah and Doug joined us for cupcakes and then set out to throw balls and throw punches at our heavy bag with such abandon that they wore each other out. What a perfect way for a middle aged man to start his birthday celebration.

I think one of the sweetest happenings around Soul came from this visit. When Sarah arrived in our courtyard she asked me if Charlotte would be coming also as she had met Charlotte at the movie party here last year. Since Charlotte wasn't going to be coming by I suggested that we call Angie to see if Sarah could come over for a play date. As it turned out we set up a play date for the girls and a family bowling time for all of us the day before Father's Day. Angie, Charlotte's mom actually was in the neighborhood with Cha's sister Maddie and they popped by in person to finalize the deal. As Angie left she said she thinks this is Charlotte's first play date that was specifically set up by a friend. I am touched to the core and Sarah is so excited as she looks forward to helping feed Charlotte again and just getting to have time with her buddy. I share a photo today of Charlotte with her mom and sister.

Board member and photographer, Randall stopped by last week as she had completed two lovely shoots for us. We also look forward to seeing the work that Sharlane did this weekend for a new Soul family before a much anticipated prom in Woodinville. I leave after noon today for a shoot set up by my long time mentor Michelle. When Michelle said that the mom had quietly asked if she knew Lynette Johnson, I realized that I will celebrate Doug's birthday in more ways than I had anticipated.

Board president, Lori Sawyer is putting the finishing touches on the newsletter and yours will be arriving in the mail soon. If you are not on the mailing list and would like to receive one please email or call to let us know. The funding that we receive from this newsletter is the backbone of this organization and we so appreciate each dollar received. Please know that giving at any level makes a difference to the mission. As Angie left yesterday she suggested we do a summer fundraiser in the courtyard. If you have any ideas for a new and different way to generate funds in our courtyard setting I would love to hear.

We move forward but I want to take time to honor the losses of the past days. Its been rough and we send much love to our families who are in mourning for such special young lives.

We also celebrate the birth of two new babies, Sydney's little brother arrived at over 8 pounds and our friend and supporter Tammara and her husband are parents of a new baby girl born on my Llewelyn's birthday which is May Day. I want to thank Llewelyn for being an amazing daughter who continues to call me to be a better person by the way she lives with such kindness and grace.

I close with a photo that I so cherish. It was sent to me by my friend Glenn and shows the moment when His Holiness, the Dalai Lama and I exchanged smiles. I am trying to carry his
message of compassion in my soul so that I grow and become a more open minded and caring person. In love and peace, Lynette