Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This week finds me finishing up a round of medical check ups, all that are routine, but some new to me and less than appealing. This series of middle aged tests gives me just a hint of what our Soul families face routinely. I have always had respect for our families and now find that even more solidly in my heart. The endless rounds of hospital visits and routines are something that takes such patience and a whole lot of time.

I was down in the office early this morning when the Soul line rang and now Sarah is locating a photographer for yet another new baby to Soulumination. The call came from a social worker at Children's Hospital and I was looking forward to working with her but due to my appointment schedule I can not do this one and it looks as if Jodi Rosen will be our shooter. She is often available and its so nice that she is willing and very talented.

We received a disc of photos from Kurt Smith on Friday of a new boy to Soul. Kurt's photos look beautiful as always and I know the family will be thrilled. Stephanie Cristalli also did a shoot for us last week and Tara Clark made an attempt that had to be rescheduled. We are so thankful that our newest addition to our list of photographers, Jon Ward actually completed 2 shoots. His work is outstanding and having worked with him myself I know that his personality and heart is so beautifully suited to Soulumination. Sharlane graciously gave her time on a Saturday recently to take photos of a new Soul teen as she departed for her senior prom. The teen looked so beautiful that she took our breath away when we saw the photos. I am so thankful to all the photographers for their devotion and skill.

Thank you to those of you who have donated after receiving the newsletter. With the number of calls ever increasing your support is so appreciated. We are still seeing a few donations trickle in honoring my mom. I can't tell you what this means to me and to my dad. I want to thank dad and my siblings for realizing how mom felt about Soulumination and its an honor to continue the work knowing its part of her legacy. My siblings and I were so blessed to have such a wonderful mom.

I share today a photo that Greg Johnson sent me of myself with Chris. I received a phone call from his mom saying he had been in the hospital with heart issues. Please keep him in your hearts as he is one amazing young man. Greg is burning DVDs for Chris' family of the film he made of Chris driving a golf cart. This means that I may get to see Chris when he and his mom come to pick up so I hope I can convince them to go to lunch with me as Chris has such an amazing personality and his sense of humor is priceless.

I close as always in love and peace, Lynette