Saturday, May 10, 2008

Its almost Mother's Day. I just got home from a wedding and have had some time to think about Mother's Day and how strange it is to not have my mom with us. Ah, but its nice to have such wonderful memories and to realize that her loss came in an order that is understandable. I send my love and my caring to all the moms of Soul whose losses have not been understandable or timely. I also send huge hugs to the children left behind who have lost their moms all too soon.

I had time to visit my friend Marin and her family today at Children's Hospital. I took a little art project for Marin and I to share and I left so uplifted by this amazing athlete and the desire she has to fight on and to make that trip to Beijing to swim for the US in the Paralympics. If all goes well with her rehab, Marin will join all the Olympic swimmers at a training camp in a little over a month. Please keep her in your hearts as she moves through the weeks ahead. If you haven't read the article in the Seattle Times, here is the link: Marin and her mom are pictured at the start of this entry.

I am sharing a photo today of myself with my dear friends in Arizona. The photo shows myself and Jessica's mom and sister on the front porch of her Make a Wish House in their backyard. I salute Susan and all the moms of Soul and I stand in awe of their devotion and unconditional love.

I send many thanks to the Fogel's in California as they sent a lovely card and check today in honor of my mom. We are now over $2 K in donations in honor of my mom and that makes Mother's Day something special for Soulumination as my mom was so supportive of the foundation and I mailed her the blog each time I wrote so she could keep up with each child and their family. In love and peace, Lynette