Friday, May 16, 2008

In the past twenty four hours so many things have happened that I am so touched but so drained that I think I will plug myself in to the latest net flix I received and just float into the lovely wedding that I will be shooting tomorrow. At my side at the wedding will be my younger daughter, Llewelyn who has kindly agreed to assist. With this amazing weather and the chance to shoot the wedding party shots at Volunteer Park it promises to be an incredibly beautiful wedding. I know the groom from my girls days at St Benedict School and it will be an honor to record this day.

Just 24 hours ago I was at Children's Hospital working with a new Angel Baby. This tiny and stunning little baby was enveloped in love and surrounded by care and compassion. Her siblings and parents so lovingly saying their goodbyes and trying to find the way to celebrate this short and tender life. I worked with the family for about an hour and a half and then agreed to come back later to capture some photos when we could see her beautiful face more clearly. The evening drug on and I thought that they had decided to forgo the final photos when as I was headed to bed the phone finally rang and I raced back to the hospital to record the baptism and the tender moments that unfolded. I rarely cry in a hospital room but with this tiny soul mirroring the last hours of my own mom's life in a tiny form I found myself reaching for the box of tissues. I left Children's after 1am and dropped the film at Wallingford Photo and came home to try to get some sleep.

I had three lovely family shoots this morning for my business and then we were joined in the office by friend and board member, Matt Kochel. He was delivering two donations in honor of his beautiful daughters and their birthday. I had been thinking of Lauren and Lillian last night as the room was right near where we shared our time together. Matt and Celina and their families have become a part of Soul that is really beyond anything I could have dreamed. You will read about my experience with Matt and Celina in the newsletter that is being mailed out by another Natalie's mom, another amazing addition to the work of Soulumination.

In the middle of all this Soulumination also received a third generous gift, a check from one of Julie Becker's sisters. I also received flowers from former board member and friend Bettijean Collins who really helped launch this foundation with grace and skill. I share the words from the card that she send as I think they say something that pertains not only to mom but to Matt and Celina's daughters and to Julie and to all the Soul families who continue to make the work of the foundation possible: "I've been thinking of you and your mom and your work and how they all come together in a beautiful circle."

Today no photos as each Soul member has moved us forward in this circle and no reason to highlight one or another, but I will let your heart take you to that Soul face and spirit that has inspired your life. In love and peace, Lynette