Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yesterday we worked with two new families and I thank Stephanie and Jodi for being willing to step up to the plate at such short notice. I am ready to head out again for Soulumination after taking a little time to settle after losing my mom. My last shoot came the day of mom's stroke and I have talked to the mother of that sweet boy and realize that he and mom were on similar time lines. All of our photographers are such gifts to this work and I know we are blessed to have such talent on our side.

I hope many of you saw the article about our talented Soul teen Marin on the front page of the times sports section on Monday, April 21st. Marin is headed to the Paralympic Games in Beijing in September. She is a terrific young woman and I am so excited that she has requested that I help design and make her some spiffy eyepatches. I have been wanting to feel my old energy coming back and this may be just the
boost I need. So huge thanks to Marin for helping lift me from the doldromes of sorrow into the spirit of today. I share photos of Marin here to day as a little tribute and in appreciation of her drive and determination.

My good friend and Soul photographer, Kurt Smith has been trying help me decide if I should enter the digital world in photography. Its funny, my success with and love of black and white film seems to have a big hold on me and since we scan all of my work to disc, its hard to let go of the negatives. I worry that I am being lazy in not making the switch since there is a lot to learn , but I also love the simple magic of working with cameras where I am totally in control of each image, where there is no sneaking a peak to see what I have captured, where so much depends on my timing and my instincts. My cameras have no autofocus option, no motor drive and actually no auto anything. I am a dinosaur but one that is happy and hopefully capturing memories of many lifetimes. Just switching for the sake of being current has no draw for me, I want to be sure I will be offering as good or better product if I am to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours in trying to make the change. It seems my clients have been happy with the service I offer so its just not a simple change for me. Stephanie Cristalli has offered help and guidance also, so maybe soon I will change, but if I do there is a part of me that will weep for simplicity and if I ever have the pleasure of being a grandparent, I hope that the little ones will faithfully be recorded on black and white film along with the digital images that will pour from my being.

We have a board meeting tonight and its almost time to mail out our third newsletter. I love the feeling of being surrounded by such a supportive board. I hope to find time to bake them some cookies today. Again, thank you so much for the donations in honor of my mom, they keep trickling in and have been so needed and so appreciated. In love and peace, Lynette