Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yesterday I was working on my computer as Sarah worked to book 5 new families. I am most thankful that we have such a great staff of photographers as right now I am feeling less than efficient in my daily tasks. Its interesting how grief ebbs and flows plus there are many chores that need attention.

I want to salute our intern and good friend, Brenna. We love this young woman and she gives us not only her time but her heart. She recently completed a most beautifully crafted grant application and we were all so sorry when we got the notice that Soulumination was not chosen for funding. Its hard to be calmly accepting of something that seems so defeating, but I told Brenna that we are so lucky to be moving forward. Grants have not proven an easy thing for us, but the consistent thing that has funded us is the small donor. We are the Obama campaign of nonprofits. Its amazing and so heartfelt when we receive those $25 checks from someones hard earned money. We realize that we are blessed with so many small donors and we are so thankful for their support and for the way that many hands and hearts come together to make this work possible. Most recently our dear Soul child, Charlotte raised over $1000 at her birthday party for the work of Soul. Each check a gift that came with such affection for beautiful Charlotte. Currently the donations in honor of my mom are coming from around the country. I am so grateful that mom's legacy will move into the lives of many more amazing families. Yesterday I read through the list of donors that Kari is keeping to send to my dad and siblings and we are over $1750 and I haven't even written my own check yet. Each day a sweet card or paypal announcement comes with some caring words about mom. I so wish that Brenna had seen some results from her grant writing efforts as she was so thorough and so caring, but I also know we are blessed in smaller ways that add up to grassroots support of such simple power.

I heard that the photos I took for the family on the Olympic Peninsula were displayed at last weekends memorial. I send them much love in this time of loss.

Today I share photos that were kindly shared by friend and supporter Glenn Aust. He was the reason I was able to be with the NBC crew and the Dalai Lama. The photos show Ann Curry and I sharing thoughts about my mom and her dad and the things that have happened for the foundation since her piece about Soulumination. Ann is currently in Oregon celebrating the life of her father as he died just days after these photos were taken. The closing photo shows me all aglow in the background as His Holiness had just given my arm a nice squeeze.

Last night Doug, Lew and I attended an event to welcome our dear friend Fred Gregory into his new job as director Peace Trees Vietnam. If you haven't heard of this amazing organization I suggest you look it up. I think it is one of the most heartfelt and compassionate organizations that I have come across. I am going to share their literature with dear friends who were in Vietnam and with those who lost their fathers, sons and brothers in that sad time of our history. This project of rebuilding relationships and savings lives is one to support.

I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette