Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yesterday afternoon at about 3 pm my mom died surrounded by adoring faces, each struck with grief but each of us finding a way to say the important things that make us celebrate the life of a mom whose love was given richly, freely and unconditionally. My dad's sorrow was huge as he left the room of the woman with whom he shared 59 years of marriage. I spoke with him just as he had arrived home to Sequim and his little cat that will bring such great comfort in the next days as dad and the cat are truly buddies. I know it was hard for dad to enter my childhood home that is filled with mom's passion of collecting glassware and other antiques.

The waves of grief ebb and flow and I feel blessed to have shared in many sacred times of passing and observed the power and grace that surrounds you as you move through the haze into moments of joy. I realize that mom's gift of love will cloak this grief and that her legacy will ripple through the world. I even know that mom had accepted that her days were winding down and she often said that she was tired of the pain of an aging body and that she wanted to be released. Of course we all greedily wanted her to be with us longer but she gave us so many amazing memories that I do not feel shorted in any way.

I am trying to write my mom's obituary and my dad has so graciously said that Soulumination will be the place to send donations in honor of mom's life. This makes me so happy to know that moms life will again bless my efforts.

Sarah and I are delighted that we will be attending one of the events with His Holiness, the Dali Lama. Sarah has three impending shoots booked and I hope we make new connections with the palliative care staff at Harborview. It is hard for me to be involved right now with all the other things that are happening right now but I will try to keep things updated.

In love and peace, Lynette