Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Thank you for indulging me in three full blogs about my sorrow.. This is the last day that McKenzie can be home so when she wakes we will have time for some photos and just being together before Doug and I drive her to the airport, then its 'back to reality'. I need to spend some time getting my regular chores completed and will catch up with my business and foundation tasks. I look forward to a lovely wedding this weekend and feel so thankful that this couple chose me to record their day. I feel it will be so wonderful to enjoy the day with them and I am hopeful for some nice weather as we are starting at the beautiful Bellevue Botanical gardens.

While I was with my mom and my family, we worked with two new families. We welcome and thank Carolyn Coffee as she has completed her first Soul shoot. Sarah showed me some of the images yesterday and I could see that the family will be delighted as Carolyn has a lovely eye. I know the family was so pleased with her care and approach and she graciously spent about 4 hours with this family and their beautiful baby. We heard through a social worker that they thought she was perfect for the task.

As I arrived back to the office yesterday there were the most beautiful sunflowers waiting for me. Jodi Rosen had left them along with the disc of her latest work. I sat down to browse the images when of course some family duty called and even though I haven't seen them, Sarah told me they are wonderful.

I keep thinking back to my own recent shoot the day before moms stroke and how the call came Saturday as I was preparing my bags to work at a Bar Mitzvah. I thought about the timing and realized the best thing would be for me to just take the couple of hours before my departure for the event and just get in my car and go. The time it takes to secure a photographer sometimes takes so long that I knew it would be best to just change gears and make it work myself. I am so happy with the results of that shoot and with the fact that I got to meet such a loving family right before I was thrown into my own loss. That cute little baby boy will remain in my heart and I send his family my care.

Thanks to all who have sent cards, flowers and the gifts to Soul to honor my mom. With her loss I will forever be thankful for the memories and beautiful photos of her life and hope that her legacy will reach out to many Soul families. I close today with a photo of dear Josiah, "Baby Henry's" brother as mom was so fond of his family. In love and peace, Lynette