Monday, April 28, 2008

Once in a while, when Sarah is out I answer the Soulumination phone line. Last week I happened to field a call from Addison's mom who was calling to tell us how much the photos meant to her and how she loved all the gifts she had received, including the Valentine's Day prayer flags. Sharlane had done her shoot and Addison's mom had nothing but praise for her work. Addison's life ended but her mom says she has the most precious memories because of the work of the foundation. I am so thankful that I answered the phone. I share photos here today of Addison.

Jodi, Stephanie and Randall completed shoots for us last week. They all captured priceless memories and I am so thankful for their great hearts and huge talent. Michael did a second shoot for a family and its lovely to think that this precious child lived long enough to have some updates. I am waiting for a date from a family on Mercer Island and this coming weekend one or two of our shooters are heading out to record a lovely teen and her date for a prom. Since the teen years are just past for my own daughters, these moments in life are so dear to my heart. This beautiful young woman is battling cancer and I have heard that she is so looking forward to this dance. I know that the photographer who documents this big event for her will bring back some stunning images.

I am going into my art room next to complete some of the eye patches that I have been working on for Marin. I got an email from Marin's mom Nancy thanking me for the canes that my art group created for her and she is excited to see what I come up with for the eye issue. Nancy told me that the vertigo is so bad that Marin hasn't been able to swim. She asked me if I had heard of any type of remedy for this veritgo. My good friend Monique has had some good results from acupunture and is locating her practioner's phone number. If you have any ideas or suggestions you could let me know and I can pass those on to Marin.

I heard that lovely luminarias were glowing a couple of days ago in dear Sydney's family neighborhood in honor of her birthday. When these lovely children die I often hear of beautiful ways that families stage remembrances. I send Sydney's parents much love and hugs as this time is always so hard. I am going to be so excited to meet their new son who should be making his debut here soon. I also look forward to the birth of my friend and assistant's second daughter. I am hoping I get to capture this birth on film and be there for the big excitement of a second daughter for such exceptional parents. Off to the art room, in love and peace, Lynette