Monday, April 07, 2008

Its been a week now since my mom died and its all such a whirl of emotions and thankfulness for the love that she shared and that gathered around her passing. We are all concerned about my dad because we realize that the changes after 59 years of partnership are going to mean a lot of adjustment. I am so thankful that my niece Tina gave my parents the kitten a few years back that has now become his pal.

I want to thank my siblings for making moms memorial so special. My sister Patti and her Steve were just the rocks and helped with the food and the hauling of all the memoriablia and Patti manned an iron to be sure each of mom's linens was just as mom would have wanted, plus she had a big chore taking all the things back to my parents home. Phil and Diane and their children live near my parents and do so much each day for them. Yesterday as always, they worked through the day to be sure that things like mom's blackberry pies were there along with her fishing and crabbing gear. Diane helped make all the food come together and many of their friends also helped and one opened the memorial and gave a nice salute to motherhood. My brother David worked so hard on the food and made the kitchen and his talents there a gift to mom. My niece Tina gathered river rocks for us to write a message and lovingly displayed them until they were given back to the water that mom so loved. Mom's beloved nieces officiated at the service and another baked a cake that was decorated in a way that people were gasping over her talent. My nephews, Brad and Jeremy were helpful in any way that was asked.

I want to thank my friends Michael, Sally and Joan, plus my daughters for the work on the beautiful flowers. My friends Patty and Robert graciously spent Saturday morning gathering the needed flowers. My brother in law Ross and his wife were so helpful with the equipment we needed for a photo tribute. A special hug to "Baby Henry" and his family for surprising us with their presence and to Auntie Viv for making the trek when she was not feeling well. For the friends in Sequim that stepped forward to help I am so thankful. Thanks for mom's good buddy Helen for celebrating mom with my siblings and dad at a dinner she hosted in Dungeness. Hugs to my soon to be niece Jennifer for her help on the computer. Doug as always was my stablilizing force and he had written a humorous account of his relationship with my mom, but in his humble fashion just left it in his notebook for the girls and I to read, actually causing me to laugh out loud at a less than perfect moment, but this is also like Doug to slip in some sly humor when I least expect it and mom would smile at his ability to do this.

Today I have time with my girls and that is my joy as well as moms. I will move forward in the work of Soul with hopefully more compassion and understanding after this loss.

I was blessed with an amazing mom and your support in her honor is most appreciated. In love and peace, Lynette