Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tonight I thought a lot about the children and parents of Soulumination while I attended a play at the rep call How? How?Why? Why?, written and acted by Kevin Kling. I want to encourage you to attend and hear this very funny man tell stories about his life and the motorcycle accident that nearly took his life. I laughed and laughed as he is one gifted man who makes you think about the blessings of hardship.

I wanted to ask if any of you are working with Seeds of Compassion as they prepare for the visit of the Dali Lama. It would be such a dream come true to share some of the photos of our children of Soulumination at one or many of the events that are planned. I can't imagine a more perfect match than the Soul children and compassion and a leader who is compassion personified. So many people have indicated that it is a good match and even people who are organizing the events have indicated it could work but we have nothing definative. If you can help please call us or email me at Lynette@soulumination.org.

I had a few minutes to talk to Angelica's dad and to share a thoughts of his daughter and her passing. I send them much sympathy as they prepare for her memorial this coming weekend. I share another photo of her here tonight.

I also wanted to share a photo taken while Doug and I werein Arizona. It showsme with Jess' sister and mom on the front porch of her playhouse that was created by Make a Wish. I sadly left my new digital camera on the plane coming home from Arizona and it has not been returned so it was kind of Susan to send me this photo. It is coming up on Jess' birthday time and I am preparing some words to send to Susan as she has asked for our thoughts to include in a book she will make in honoring the memory of such a spunky and spirited daughter. In love and peace, Lynette