Monday, March 31, 2008

Of all the supporters of Soulumination, I have been so thankful for the fact that my mom has loved each and every child that came into our little foundation. This sweet mom of mine is now at Harborview Hospital, here in Seattle working through her last hours with us as she has suffered a devastating stroke. She has been surrounded by the people who love her and those who haven't made it to her bedside are in constant touch and will be with her soon or here when its time to celebrate all that she added to our lives. My daughter Llewelyn (named after my mom's uncle) and my daughter McKenzie (who proudly bears her maiden name, Powell as her middle name) have been so blessed to have had 2 amazing grandmothers. Their bond to my mom made so strong by hours and days spent in her care at her farm in Sequim. Doug, the girls and I affectionately call her Moo or Grandma Moo.

Just after our visit with my parents a week ago today I got a call from mom telling me she had received the blog that I had sent that mentioned I was sad not to be going to the Tay Sachs Conference. She and my dad were wondering if there was still time for them to buy me a ticket to go. I promised her that next year would be grand and that I might use her frequent flyer miles to join this special group of children and their families that so touch my heart.

Also, at Christmas time I was starting to plan a little dinner to honor and thank the workers of Soulumination and I was worried about spending any foundation donation money. It came to me that my mom would love it if I paid for the dinner in her honor and she was thrilled with the note that everyone signed her in thanks. It will be an annual occurrence that I honor my mom and thank those who work so hard to make the work of Soulumination to be so uniquely special.

I will so miss my mom. I will honor her legacy of love of her family. I will think of her so often, especially when enjoying my time mushrooming, crabbing, fishing or when around Hereford cattle. My cousin Janice was saying yesterday that she never knew a woman who worked harder than my mom. My siblings and I were blessed with such a mom and my dad will have a hole in his life that will be so vast. I thank my brother Phil and his wife Diane for all the time they have spent making my parents life is Sequim so complete with their willingness to take care of anything that was needed. My sister Patti is here from Oregon and my brother David will arrive tomorrow from Australia.

With my own sorrow, I want the lovely family that I met at Children's on Saturday to know that I have thought of them often and that it was an honor to meet them and their precious son. That hospital room filled with the same kind of love that is around my mom and I feel blessed to have met them.

I promised Blake's mom, Denise who so lovingly creates our amazing bracelets that I would once again thank Outcast for their generous donation of frame charms that are the central piece of the Soul jewelry. I know the families treasure these gifts and we are blessed to have them on our side. I thank Charlotte's mom, Angie for opening up this connection.

I close with a sad heart that is also joyful over the fact that love has been given to me so freely by a special mom. She is pictured here today with myself, my sister in law Diane and Heather, my mom's beloved New Zealand exchange student who lived with us for a year while I was in my early teens. I would share more photos but its time to wake Diane so that we can return to Harborview and allow my sister to get a few hours of sleep In love and peace, Lynette
Below find the words that my friend Monique sent to my mom:

Dearest Mooie,
Oooh, Mooie, I hold you tight in my heart.
Your silver hair, your beautiful smile, your warm shy laugh.
"Your girls"running into your arms, Moooie!!
Your funny stories, your shy warmth always made you fun to be around.
I'll miss you dearly, you're the grandmother I hope to be someday.

Monique xxxxoooo