Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Its lovely to enjoy this spring like weather. It heralds the beginning of the busier shooting time in my business. I delight in seeing my regular clients and recording the growth of their beloved children. I often say that with all the amazing families I work with I will know some children who grow up to make some real changes in this world. I sense that many of these little ones have minds and hearts that will do much to make the world a more beautiful place. My favorite children's, book Miss Rumphius is about that concept and I love the idea of each of us quietly making an effort toward beauty.

The trunk show was special because the work of Tammara and Marina is truly outstanding and most every person that attended made a purchase or placed an order. Mianna, Maddie and Emily were charming models and it was great to see Emily eating and chatting up a storm. My special thanks to Maggie's mom for the amazing food, that not only tasted superb, but the presentation was impeccable. The catering company she works for is out of Lynnwood and is called Celebrations and serves the greater Seattle area. The photo above shows Emily decked out in Tammara's creation.

Sincere thanks to our pal Charlotte for turning her charm toward Soul and reaching her goal of raising a whopping $1000 at her birthday party. We are grateful and delighted as we are just wrapping up the work to send out the last of the 15 shoots that we completed in February.

Huge hugs to Brandon's mom in Edmonton and her group of friends that have assembled the birthday cards for each Soul child. Susan offered this help when she was down for the movie party shortly after Brandon's memorial services. With each card that is sent an extra bit of his magic and love will be in the mail and that is the essence of building a community of love, support and legacy. Its similar to the fact that Blake's spirit is part of each bracelet received by a Soul family since his mom, Denise creates those.

I am attaching a photo of the prayer flags working on the winds in Hawaii. Board president and Soul mom, Lori took her flags on her trip to Hawaii and shared this lovely photo. Each Soul family received a set for Valentine's Day and I was delighted that Lori took hers to the tropics to work in the winds of those beautiful islands. We are starting to gear up for the big prayer flag project to commemorate our 5Th year. We have two years to work on it, but if you would like to create panels for this endeavor to honor a life or a loss we would welcome your flags. Call or email for specifics, 206-297-0885.

I sadly share that I heard from the parents of Caleb that the post coincided with his photos was the last day of his life. I was touched to receive messages about their love of his photos from both his parents and his uncle. We are grateful to Christina for her work in capturing his amazing spirit. I share another image today in tribute to his life. In love and peace, Lynette