Monday, March 24, 2008

Its always a hard week when I write to report a loss. We heard from yet another beautiful and caring mom that she had lost her precious child. It is hard to say goodbye to each Soul child and today I want to honor Anjelica and her family. I share a photo of this sweet girl and hold in my heart the memories of the day that Kari so kindly went with me to their home and we had the pleasure of meeting the entire family. Anjelica's little brother Timothy lives with the same disorder, plus she has two charming older brothers and the most caring parents. My heart goes out to them and I hope they know that so many people care and send much love.

Doug and I had the pleasure of hosting a little dinner with two amazing sets of Soul parents on Friday night. We laughed and cried and shared our hopes and our pasts and it was just what I needed. We also had an amazing Easter brunch with my mushrooming guru friend Patrice and then today Llew, my father in law and I went to Sequim to see my parents and had another wonderful day. Thursday Kari delivered a wand and corsage to Children's that we had created for a patient who was missing her prom. Its been a few years since I dusted off my florist skills, but it was such fun to do a little something special with old tricks. Tonight Doug and I attend a play at the Rep theater----lots of comraderie and excitement in the past few days.

Sarah is back from her trip to Ireland and we are working on the final details in the scheduling of two new adult shoots. The last three calls we have booked have been for parents so we are thankful that the word of our expansion is getting out to the right people so that we can serve as needed.

With a heavy heart I post photos of two other Soul children that we have just heard have passed away. These deaths are not necessarily current, but the news sometimes takes time to arrive here in our offices, so we quietly take time to remember each special soul. We send our care and our deepest sympathy to the parents of Nick and Annabelle who were photographed by Christina and Tara. We also had the news of the loss of another teen in the state of Montana. I had worked with this young woman and her family and I am so saddened by her passing.

The photos of children that have Tay Sachs of the allied diseases are now in Florida awaiting the annual conference. I send my love to the families who will be attending the conference and have high hopes that we will find funding for me to attend next year. I was sad to hear that dear Molly Grace is not able to attend this year. I know that it is a special time for the families and I send Molly Grace huge hugs and hope she is much better soon. I close in love and peace and with a photo of Molly Grace and her parents, Lynette