Sunday, March 09, 2008

I want to thank Nalanda West for the opportunity to attend their Dying Well conference this weekend. Soulumination had a lovely selection of photos from our collection on display and the comments about the beautiful children of Soul and Mark Powers explanation of the work were very powerful. I feel that I had the opportunity to expand into world religions with the most educated and articulate of leaders. The piece by the Muslim leader truly melted me as his was the area that I had the least knowledge and as I suspected, there is so much good in the Sufi teachings. I hope to hear this man again as I have felt since 9/11 that I needed to have some knowledge that points to the great parts of the teachings in the Koran. All the religions were nicely represented and the messages were amazingly similar. Each speaker emphasized opening your heart to oneness and living a good life. Last night at the conference I also got to see some of the children that sang at our show at St Mark's Cathedral from the Total Experience Gospel. Their performance last night was stunning and it took me back to that sacred space in my heart that is saved for the memories from that show and especially reminds me of Francisco, Brandon, Judah, and Julie who attended that show and who are now passed from this life.

We received releases from the family of dear Mercer. I was blessed to work with Mercer and his family in February of 2007. Mercer was a twin and I recently got to see his brothers Ashton and his twin Emmett at Charlotte's birthday party. It was amazing to see how big Emmett is now and to realize that the year just flew past. Mercer was the cutest guy and his family are super people with amazing hearts. My heart goes out to these cherished friends as they approach the first year mark of the loss of one special baby boy. You can see Mercer here today at the opening of this missive and again here with Emmett.

I want to thank the Mercer Island Rotary for their recent support. Their donation to Soulumination will be used to serve our families and as our requests are growing by the month, we are most grateful that we can continue on with their gift. Special thanks to Deb Hamby for writing out the grant request and to Stu Scharff for shepherding me to this wonderful group.

Hugs to my sister in law Jane for recently sewing up some of the holders we need for the gifts to our families. If you or someone you know is a good with a sewing machine, we have projects you could do at home at your pace. Please call if you want to help.

Just reminding you that this coming Friday is the work party to make all of the albums for new families to Soulumination in 2008. We will be working from 9 in the morning until 7 in the evening or maybe later if we are not done. Please come join us, you can RSVP at 206-297-0885. Often we have Soul parents attending and we accomplish much plus it definite bonding time. We have bookmaking projects that you could also do at home so please get in touch if you are available. If you attend and want to add to the beautiful papers that cover the albums we would so appreciate that donation and if you like the idea of the handmade albums but can't join us we would be thrilled to accept paper donations from the lovely suppliers such as Paper Source or Paper Zone, Dakota Art, U Bookstore or Artist and Craftsman supply.

Apparently we were on KUOW again this past week, we received inquiries into the possibility of more volunteer help and I am most excited about that one person is already scheduled to come to our work party. Thanks again to Megan and Jeremy for putting such a great interview into our little foundation. I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette