Monday, February 11, 2008

Yesterday was a day of coming to terms with the fact that life can be so darned hard and the fact that health issues can strike families in ways unimagined. It was my great honor to work with an 8 year old girl with the most infectious giggle and happy demeanor. She came from the peninsula with her parents, older brother and dog and I had such a great time since I am a Sequim raised girl myself. This family not only has this charming girl battling cancer but the mom as well. In time if they decide to share their story I will show photos and explain further. For now keep them in your hearts and prayers as the bone marrow transplant day for this cutie is Feb 21st. I send them all good thoughts and hopes for a great outcome.

I also had the honor of working with a sweet family on Friday for some update shots with their new baby girl. The older sister in this family as Dravet's Syndrome. This preschooler is a beautiful child with a fun sense of humor and she really enjoyed cruising through the open space of my studio. They are friends of our pal Victor. I am so thankful that families share our mission and bring in others for our services.

I attended my first political rally on Friday and now am amazed that I haven't done so in the past. I felt so uplifted by the number of young people attending and have high hopes for a bright future for this country. I also attended my first caucus and even spoke to some undecided voters and spoke very briefly to the whole group. Its exciting to make small steps in personal growth and take action that had seemed too much for me in my youth.

I want to salute the photographers of Soulumination. The past week has
been so very crowded with new families and I am so happy with the results of the completed shoots. Sandra, Charlane, Jodi, Tara, Randell, Christina, Kurt, Dana and myself have all worked with new families recently. Michael and I have done updates for a total of 4 families and Spehpane is booked for a new family next weekend. The word of our work is spreading and I so very thankful for the devotion of such talented people in our foundation. Each photographer is working without financial compensation and doing it graciously and with splendid results.

I share today photos of a young girl that Tara worked with last May. We recently recived their releases and the sad news that Angela had passed away. Angela's story will be up in our gallery soon. This sweet angel had Trisome 18. Her family is pictured with her at the opening of this missive.

I close with photos of a dear little boy that Kurt worked with last June. His releases just arrived and he will also be featured on our gallery soon. His name is Austin and he is shown with his adoring family. Ausin lost his battle with ALL, acute lymphoblast leukemia

I close in love and peace, Lynette.